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Mahi mahi

Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Quepos & Manuel Antonio Sportsfishing (Central Pacific)
Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo, Samara & Carillo Sport fishing (Northern Pacific)

Drake Bay, Mata Palo, Puerto Jimenez & Golfito Sports Fishing (Southern Pacific)

Costa Rica Tarpon fishing lodges Barra del Colorado, Rio Colorado, Tortugero and Rio Parisima fishing (Northern Carribean)

Nicaragua Tarpon fishing lodge Rio Frio, Cano Negro, Lake Nicaragua and San Juan River fishing (Costa Rica & Nicaragua border)

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Welcome to Costa Rica,

Costa Rica has some of the best Sport Fishing in the world. The Pacific side has incredible fishing for Sailfish, Marlin, Dorado, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish, Snapper, and more. The Caribbean side and Northern regions of Costa Rica are famous for big Tarpon and big Snook

Costa Rica Fishing Report is located in Jaco Beach on the Central Pacific Coast. The majority of our charter boats and vacation rentals are located in the Los Suenos Resort, Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Quepos & Manuel Antonio area.

We also have a growing list of quality charter boats and vacation rentals available if you are traveling to Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo, Samara, Carillo, Drake Bay, Mata Palo, Puerto Jimenez and Golfito.

If you want BIG Tarpon and BIG Snook we fish with the best Tarpon fishing lodges in Barra del Colorado, Rio Colorado, Tortugero, Rio Parisima., Rio Frio, Cano Negro, Lake Nicragua and the San Juan River.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail if you have any questions about charter boats and vacation rentals or if you need a “live” fishing report.

Thanks for your time,

Jerry “bubba” Hallstrom
Costa Rica Fishing Report
841-5109 in Costa Rica
1-800-9SAILFISH in the USA



Well there’s a lot of boats out there getting ready for the Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament starting this Thurs -Sat .. 3 days of ball busting with the best Capts.. anglers and mates doing there best to bring home the money and trophy  . We have our ears close to the radio to hear what the boats are catching  .. between the 5 boats we are hearing from , the total sails caught today are between 15 - 30 sails per and  boat 2 blues .. on 3 of the smaller boats just out fishing and not in the tournament there getting 6/8 sails 9 dorado .. don’t forget to check out our boats we have for charter on the right hand side of our webpage .. just go to the area you think you will be fishing and check the boats for price and info .. starting Thurs-Sat go to Google and check out the up dates of the Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament ..


Four reports today from this week , starting with 3 boats out of Los Suenos  and Herradura Bay ..  26ft  center console went for a full day 7 sails and a dorado .. on the 42 custom had a good day .. 11 for 14 on sails, 3 tunas and a dorado today and on the fly for 4 days  55 Sailfish and 12 Mahi Mahi and a little further North of us , the Skeetman  had a great day .. how’s this .. raised 4 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin, 4 sailfish, 2 dorado and a wahoo .. we know there still here and up North .. Starting next week Jan 22-24 The Los Suenos Triple Crown bill fish tournament , 3 days off catching as many as you can , you can get the results by going to Los Suenos triple crown 2015 .. or check with us as we give you a run down .. check out out boats we charter on the right side of our page .. Remember all bill fish are   Catch N Release ..



I have 2 reports from our Capts. .. Chi Chi took out 4 on his 30ft center console and got 5 sails and a dorado .. Billy and his crew got 6 sails and a 350 Blue ..  Don’t forget to check out our boats we have for charter on the right hand side of our webpage .. click on the dark clue and get the info and pic of the boat ..   .. next week Jan 21st kicks in the 1st leg of The Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament 22–24 .. we will keep you informed of the boats and whats being caught .. come on down and fish with the Big Boys …


As we kick in high season the fish are being accommodating .. with reports from some boats out this week , we can start off by saying the sails are off the chart

John and his crew 15/20 on sails 6 dorado  Wens , 10/12 sails 4 dorado and 1 blue on Thurs full days .. 6 sails Fri half day .

Capt Bill went out for 3 full days  days and the count was 35 sail 12 dorado  .. AH  had a good day ..  5-15 sails today and 6 for 7 sails and a dorado on

half day .. Joel went on a 26 ft with a few friends from Fla .. did some snook fishing and caught 10/12 and 3 rooster .. Chris took his clients out went for 2

full days off shore 15 sail , 1 strip and 1 blue and last but not forgotten  .. Mark went beach fishing after being rigged up at CR Primo and caught himself

2 nice fighting snook .. nice combo set up for $180.00 .. Don’t forget to check out the charter boats we off , just click on the dark blue and get a pic , price

and info on the boat you choose .. we have charters in many parts of Costa Rica .. Jan  21st - 24th is the Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament

the 1st of 3 legs  .. Google Los Suenos Triple Crown 2015 .. keep up with the tourney .. Don’t forget all bill fish in Costa Rica are Catch N Release .

A bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work .



What a Christmas fishing week , we had 5 boats go out this past week , 3 full days and 2 half day .. on the 26ft they caught 23 sails 14 dorado .. on the 28ft

they were 1/2 on blues , 12 sails and 6 dorado ..  on the 30 ft express they were 2/3 on Blues .. 12 sails and 14 dorado .. on the 27 ft center console 1/2 day

12 grouper and 3 rooster .. 35 fly bridge 1 /2 day were 6/6 on sails .. other boats in the area where total 43 sails total .. Los Suenos Triple Crown starting

last week in Jan.. all Bill Fish are Catch N Release , pictures taken with Bill fish are all taken while anglers in the water .. Check out our boats we charter

on the right hand side of our webpage .


Awesome day out there for a small tournament out there between friends , lets just say the winner Big John and his anglers had 32 sails in 1 day,

we had 2 of our boats go out , Capt Will and 1 of his groups had 4 sails and 6 dorado missed a blue and the next day with a different group  caught 8

dorado and 2 sails .. and David and his 3 daughters had a half day had 4 dorado



We had 2 boats go out the other day one from Heradurra Bay and one from Marina Pez Vela , we had our 28ft center console go out around 15 miles

with Ken and his 3 daughters and bring in 4 Dorado on a half day .. and the Hollis family of 3 went of of Pez Vela had a great day 6 Sails and 8 Dorados

The Los Suenos Triple Crown 2015  coming up in the last week of Jan - Feb and 2nd week of March best fishing that time of year ..Please check

out our charter boats on the right hand side of our webpage ..  Don’t forget we Catch N Release all Bill fish in Costa Rica

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New year .. please don’t drink and drive


Capt. Billy had our clients out on his 35″ ..  Paul and his friends went out Sat and Sunday .. they were  14/19 Sails and 9/12 Dorado , Gene went out with his clients Steve and Chris about 18 miles and Dorado were every where .. they were 22/28 Sails and 14 Dorado . Please check out our charter boats on the right hand side of our webpage .. Remember ALL Bill fish are Catch N Release .



What a hot couple of days we had  3 boats going out , my close and good friend Tanner got married to Georgia and they took there families fishing

they were on a 52ft caught 11 Sail .. 2 Tuna and 3 Dorado .. Capy Billy on the 35ft boat was 11 Sails 6 Dorado and Capt Chi Chi was 1/3 on Sail and 3/3 for Dorado on a half day only going out 10-15 miles out.



Just a little news from our friends up Flamingo way , Ol’e Skeeterman ’s group caught 1 Blue .. 1 Sail and 5 nice Dorado for the BBQ .. closer to Home in the Los Suenos area , Capt Billy caught 16 Sails today 4 Dorado .. down toward Quepos we had some friends doing some Snook fishing , 12 for the 1/2 day , so fishing is still on the high note and season is 1 month away .. please check out our selection of charter boats , see what area you will be in and check the boats out … Remember .. all Bill fish are Catch N Release here in beautiful Costa Rica ..


Local Pangas 25 ft
25 ft
Sons of Blarney
28 ft
27 ft
Hoo’s Up
28 ft
Mi Bruja
30 ft
Miss Behavin
32 ft
Sea quester
32 ft
R&J 33 ft
35 ft
Hoo’s your Daddy
Estrella de Mar
38 ft
38 ft
Tres Amigos
38 ft
38 ft
Hot Reels
40 ft
Super Fly 42 ft
The Bite
42 ft
Spanish Fly
42 ft
Marlin Mujer
48 ft
55 ft
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BIRD WATCHING: Basically everywhere but specific tours are available for the serious Bird lover.
BUNGEE JUMPING: Available at several places – lots of fun, a little scary.
CANOPY TOURS: Available all over Costa Rica. Everyone loves the Canopy Tours.
CASINO / NIGHTLIFE: Casinos and Nightlife are available in most of the popular towns.
CROCODILE TOUR: Day Tour available in several places.

DOLPHIN / WHALE WATCHING: Dolphins are usually everywhere plus we do see the occasional whale.
HORSEBACK RIDING: Available in most places, who hasn’t wanted to ride a horse on a beach.
HOT SPRINGS / SPA: Available only in a few places, the best in romantic and relaxing getaways.
KAYAKING: Available in several places, white water or ocean kayaks – cheap water fun.
LAKE FISHING: Fish for the Guapote (Central American Bass) at Lake Arenal and Lake Nicaragua, great fighters on light tackle.
MOTORCYCLE / QUAD RENTAL: Available in several places, great fun, wear your helmet.
NATIONAL PARKS: Available in most areas, great tours, see wildlife and beautiful scenery.

PARAGLIDING: Available in a few places…try it if you get a chance…a few moments of panic followed by the best ride of your life.
RIVER FISHING: Fly fish for Trout in the high mountain streams, fish the jungle rivers for giant Tarpon and Snook.
SHOPPING: Available everywhere, take home some souvenirs and coffee
SURF / BOOGIE BOARD: Available in the most popular towns, what the hell…give it a shot.

TURTLE WATCHING: Available only at certain times and certain places but for some the thrill of a lifetime.

VOLCANO TOUR: Available almost everywhere, good family trip.
WHITE WATER RAFTING: Scenic and serene beauty followed by wet and wild adrenalin rush.
WINDSURFING: Available at a few places, Lake Arenal is famous for its windsurfing

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