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July 15th , 2016

Friday, July 15th, 2016

As the water begins to cool around Drake Bay and Cano Island we are seeing more Blue and Black Marlin bust through our spread. Two Mother/Daughter teams successfully released a big Black Marlin recently on a 30 weight reel.  This beauty was estimated at 500 lbs.  After the successful release the ladies then caught 11 nice Yellow Fin Tuna, 3 on top water baits. Way to go ladies.  While the Sailfish bite is a little slow this time of year, the bite for big Roosterfish on live bait has been very strong.  Catching and releasing a big Roosterfish on a spinning rod needs to be a bucket list item for every fisherman.  We are typically catching these brutes just 20 minutes from the lodges around Drake and Osa.  For clients who wish to have a lot of fish for dinner, we are enjoying a good bite for Cubera, Rock and Yellow tail Snapper along with a nice variety of Grouper.  We expect August to remain a great fishing month as we gear up for more rain in September and October.  This time of year our clients enjoy seeing the many Humpback Whales that migrate to our warm waters.

Until next time…Tight Lines

July 10th , 2016

Sunday, July 10th, 2016

The bite is coming back up in Flamingo/Tamarindo area as well as Los Suenos and Quepos

Flamingo/Tamarindo :

Capt.Bernie ..  We just finished 3 days with a group from all over the US east coast. In the 3 days we were 2-6 on
blue marlin, 4-6 on sailfish, caught 3 yellowfin tuna and a 50 mahi.

Capt.Bennie July · Santa Cruz ·
We had a great day on Thursday with the Johnson family releasing 3 sailfish and boating 4 yellowfin tuna.
Capt. Bennie July  · Santa Cruz ·
Friday on the BW we released a big sailfish and a nice blue marlin on 30# line. The marlin are back for the summer

WA II Sportfishing
Great Day on WA ll Released 1 Sailfish, Caught 5 Yellowfin Tuna and Released Blue Marlin 300 lbs
WA II Sportfishing
Half Day Caught nice Amberjack

Capt.Carlos : Last 4 days out catching 1 blue a day  lots of tuna coming back and sails

Los Suenos/Quepos

Capt. Tom : Marlin are back and the tuna are strong .. last 2 weeks all full days .. 9 blue .. tuna 40lbs or better

Capt. Kino : 1 miss blue yesturday       40lb tuna

There’s been many private boats going out to the FADS and catching 35-40 blue marlin a day , no less then 80 miles out

we have a 45ft Carolina goes to the FADS  often .. here’s a real fishermans dream …. blue marlin all day

June 10th , 2016

Friday, June 10th, 2016


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GM II 31ft Sportfisher
18 hrs ·
2 blue marlin, 250lb and 300lb released on the GM II today!
23 hrs ·
Half day inshore with the Adkison party June 8th resulted in 1 nice 50 lb roosterfish release, 3 good sized snapper were caught,
2 of these released along with 1 big jack crevalle.
May 30 at 8:20pm ·
Dennis Templeton had a nice day on the water, solo angler, released 4 Pacific sailfish,
had a blue marlin jump off and released a striped marlin.Fishing inshore on the way out he caught and released a nice roosterfish,
2 jack crevalle and caught and kept 1 snapper for the table. Pura Vida!

RW 32ft Express .. 4 sails .. 4 dorado ..2 tuna .. 1 blue
CP 36ft express .. 2 sails .. 2 dorado .. 3 snapper
WA 31ft Bertram .. 5 sails .. 1 missed blue
BW 42ft Bertram .. We ended up with 13 sailfish releases in 2 days for a 4th place finish in the Mukul Tournament in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua.

Jaco’/Los Suenos Marina

June 4 at 11:01am ·
Hot action inshore on Thursday. releasing 15 rooster fish, some jacks and some beautiful broom tail grouper!
9 hrs ·
A screen shot of our black Marlin yesterday almost 2 hour battle and came frighteningly close to jumping into the boat
June 1 at 10:11am ·
5 nice wahoo, 2 mahi mahi and a rooster fish release aboard Hoos your Daddy on Monday

DW New .. 36′ Custom express .. 1 blue .. 1 sails and 1 tuna
Tres A .. 38ft Custom  Maverick .. 5 sails ,, 3 dorado
28ft center console .. 3 sails offshore .. inshore 5 snook .. 2 rooster
31ft center console .. 2 sails .. 4 dorado ..
36ft Hatteras .. 5 sails .. 2 dorado .. 3 tuna and 1 blue

Marina Pez Vela Quepos

RD .. 32ft Strike Sportfish .. plenty of snook , rooster and tuna
DN .. 26ft center console .. 6 snook .. 2 rooster
8 mins ·
2 big snooks 2 jacks 1 roostesfish 1 big corvina jjjj solo bueno
Capt. Jeff .. 4 sails .. 2 tuna

Fad trips $1200.00 per person per day .. offshore .. 80-140 miles .. 4 anglers max

May 18th , 2016

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Just a short note .. fishing is good for sails , tuna and dorado .. there is 2 pilot whales just outside of the Los Suenos marina and the tuna is so strong right now .. the boats are giving the tuna away .

Up North of us Tamarindo/Flamingo area

Capt. Skeet Bennie


May 5 at 8:56am ·

Yesterday on the BW we released 4 sailfish, a blue marlin and caught 12 dorado. Bennie ,May 11 at 8:04pm ·

Yesterday on the BW we released 8 sailfish and a striped marlin. Got a few bottom fish too for dinner

Capt. Carlos was also having a great day .. 9 sails .. 12 dorado .. 1 blue

Los Suenos area

Capt. Howie .. 20 tuna .. 11 dorado .. 5 sails

Capt. Chino .. 6 sails .. 7 dorado

Capt. Greg .. 12 tuna .. 8 sails .. missed a blue

Marina Pez Vela Quepos

Capt. Skip .. 6 tuna .. 8 sails

Capt. Benn ..We caught 8 Tuna today Pratty, 75lb, 38lb , 36lb & 5 smaller ones. We had a REAL big one try to eat a 5lb Tuna we were reeling in right next to the boat. We could have had so many more but we ran out of live Bait. Awesome day!



May 2, 2016

Monday, May 2nd, 2016

CRFR would like to thank Los Suenos Marina , Ashley Bretecher , Pepper and the Capt. / mates for volunteering their time to help our American troops ,
the same Men and Women protecting our country .. taking these brave Men and Women fishing and showing their appreciation .

OWC 2016 Fishing Tournament  Pez Vela Quepos Costa Rica

Top two teams fight it out in the final hour of the tournament
QUEPOS, Costa Rica (April 22, 2016) — This year’s tournament came to a close on Thursday after a tight battle in the final hour where the winner was
decided by three fish released in the last fifteen minutes. All totaled, anglers released and video verified 1,495 sailfish, 12 blue marlin,
1 black marlin and 1 striped marlin for 1,509 billfish overall. There were also 2 dorado and 1 wahoo over the 25 pound minimum that were brought to the scales during the week.

The 1st place team of anglers from Trinidad & Tobago qualified by winning the St. Lucia Annual Billfish Tournament. The team caught 45 sailfish for
a grand total of 9,000 points to win the 17th Annual Offshore World Championship (OWC). The anglers include Jerome Mcquilkin, Derek Tardieu, Gerard DeSilva
and Clint Quongsing. Anchoring the win team, members Derek Tardieu and Jerome Mcquilkin also picked up the 6th place angler and 4th place angler awards.
Tardieu released 15 sailfish scoring 3,000 points and Mcquilkin released 16 sailfish scoring 3,200 points.


Miss Vickey
April 23rd .. Good to be back in Flamingo after a week in Quepos. Released three sails and boated a mahi all before lunchtime.
April 28th .. Great day on the WA II with three sails and a striped marlin.

Capt. Skeet
April 22nd .. On the BW we released 9 sailfish and caught 14 mahi.
April 23rd .. Today on the BW we released 4 sailfish and then spent half of the day looking for a Roosterfish.

Capt. Carlos .. day 1 .. 3 sails .. 2 dorado
.. day 2 .. 7 sails ..

Los Suenos marina
Fish Tank
April 25th .. Fish Tank 6 for 8 on Blue Marlin!! Tagged 5!! 4 Sailfish as well. Back at it later this week! Hope the weather gets better
April 19th .. Trip was a success!! 11 Blue Marlin and 25 Sails in 2.5 days. Headed back out in a few days

Alex Holden
19 hrs ·
Miss Behavin-14 for 20 sails today. Back out there manana!
Tyrone Lindon Jr.
April 19 at 6:35pm ·
12-16 with Pablo Mora .plus made it home safely after a short scare. Nice to know youre fishing next
to some good guys.thanks for the check Alex Holden and a few other s.pura vida.
Alex Holden
April 16 at 6:47pm ·
Miss Behavin-6 for 12 yesterday and 8 for 12 today. Not a whole lot to it but better than a sharp stick in the eye! Back out there manana!

Capt.Chino .. day 1 .. Jacks .. 1 blue and 2 sails
.. day 2 .. 5 sails ..
Capt.Jorge ..4/5 sails 1 blue

This 45ft. Carolina enjoy taking the ride to the FADS .. $1200.00 a day per person , sleeps 4 .. this place rocks for marlin

April 14, 2016

Thursday, April 14th, 2016

Sorry to take so long to get back writing a fishing report .. PLEASE REMEMBER ALL BILL FISH ARE CATCH N RELEASE

Well Los Suenos Triple Crown bill fish tournament  came to an end and what a finish with Agitator coming in 1st
Pelese’ 2nd and Sea Angel in 3rd .. it was hot out there and a little rough the 2nd day but that didn’t stop the best
Capts , anglers and mates in Central America from doing their best with a finish of 1855 bill fish in 3 days with 43 boats .

Now some of our charters


Capt. Bernie : In Carrillo we fished 4 days with another group. My youngest angler there was 73. They released 25 sails in the 4 days with their
best day being 14 releases. They also caught a yellowfin tuna and a variety of grouper, snapper and tilefish for dinner.
We just finished 2 weeks in Carrillo so back to semi-“real” internet. We fished 5 days with a family from Montana that loves saltwater
fishing. Fishing was kind of slow but they released 14 sails and had a great time as usual.

Capt. Steve  : Finished 3 days of fishing with 2 different groups with 12 sails .. 3 dorados and did some bottom fishing and ended up with 12 grouper
Miss Vicky on the W. Ass : little slow the 1st day with 3 sails , clients weren’t much into fishing and wanted to come in early then ended up with one more sail bringing in the lines .

Los Suenos Marina :

Capt. Mitch :  went to the fads for a few days to raise some fish and raise hell , ended up with 17 blue marlin and missed 5 blues , clients enjoyed themselves and coming back in 2 months .
Capt. Thomas : 12 sails , 1/3 for blues and 3 dorados
Capt. Jorge : inshore 2 days different groups .. day 1 .. 4 snook .. 6 rooster .. 3 crevalle , day 2 .. 4 rooster .. 9 grouper
Capt. Chin : off shore day 1 .. 4 sail .. 1 dorado .. day 2 inshore , 3 rooster .. 4 jacks and 5 snook
Capt Greg P . : full day offshore 8 sails 2 dorado 1/2 on blues .

Marina Pez Vela Quepos :

Skipper :  offshore 9/15 sail
Capt. G : day 1 , bottom fishing half day .. 12 grouper , day 2 offshore .. 8 sails missed 1 blue
Capt. Danny B : inshore half day , 8 snook
Capt. Donny : inshore half day .. 4 rooster .. 2 snook

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March 28th , 2016

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Well here’s a little run down on a few boats , some of the boats are out fishing before the Los Suenos Triple Crown 3rd and final leg of this year , if you care to have a live up date on the bill fish tournament in Los Suenos .. Google Los Suenos Triple Crown 2016 .. just remember when seeing these boats catch N release these fish .. they are a fishing team and fish many tournaments .. ok lets get started


Capt Skeet : “42 Foot Convertible”   helping the kids

In Carrillo we fished 4 days with another group. My youngest angler there was 73. They released 25 sails in the 4 days with their
best day being 14 releases. They also caught a yellowfin tuna and a variety of grouper, snapper and tilefish for dinner

Capt. Carlos : 32ft express , 6 hr day of fishing  7 sails ..  day 2 , 5/8 sails

Miss Vickie : 31ft Bertram  4 sails 1 dorado

Los Suenos marina  Capt. Dana Thomas, our crew Erick Mora and Carlos for breaking the boat record releasing 58 sailfish today!!

Laura Jessen :  Caught 113 Sails in our last 3 days of fishing with 2 junior Anglers (11 and 12). They reeled in the majority of the fish and we tagged 64 of them! Caught 51 the 3rd day! Proud of this shot I got. Headed offshore tomorrow for a few days then we have Leg 3. This season has gone by too fast! ‪#‎Puravida‬ ‪#‎lovecostarica‬

Capt. Tom :  March 15th
Half day fishing the deep.
4 tile fish
5 grouper
6 snapper

March 16th – 18 sailfish and a big mahi
March 17th – 13 for 20 sailfish
March 18th – 8 for 12 sailfish
March 20th – 24 for 28 sailfish
March 21st – Half day 12 for 15 sailfish and 2 mahi mahi
March 22 – 14 and 15 year old boys and there father caught 20 sailfish and came home early.
March 26 – 10 sailfish
March 27th – Half day 12 rooster fish

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Google : Los Suenos Triple Crown 2106 to get a up date on the tournemant

March 9th , 2016

Thursday, March 10th, 2016


LOS SUENOS TRIPLE CROWN 2016  January 20th -23rd 2016
Leg 1 of the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown achieved a phenomenal 1,961 billfish
releases with a fish to boat ratio of 45:1 by 44 participating teams.

Leg 2 February 24th – 27th 2016
2,754 billfish released during the Second Leg of the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown
by 43 teams 12 years of tournament records shattered! It was an epic three days at
Los Sueños Resort Marina, located at Playa Herradura on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast.
During the second leg of the third annual Los

Leg 3 March 30th – April 2nd  206

Now our locals
Capt. Skeet .. Slow pickins’ in Flamingo. Two sails and a mahi in two days.
Wet A .. Fun family day on the Wet A II. We released three sails but lost a
on the wahoo and another sail. We love young anglers learning how to fish!
Capt. Carlos .. 4 sails and a 35lb Cubera snapper

Los Suenos
Mr. Tanner fishing on the Alpha Brava with Capt. Johan ..  18/23 sails
Capt. Greg 38ft Maverick ..20 tuna
Capt. Chin 31ft center console : day 1  3 sails .. day 2 .. 2 sails both half days
Capt. Fernanda console : day 1 .. 3 sails , day 2 ..30 grouper 1/2 day .. day 3, 4 sails .. day 4,8 sails

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Feb 22nd , 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

Just a quick report before working as an observer for the Los Suenos Triple Crown 2016
Tournament in Los Suenos Marina

Carrillo :
WA 31ft Bertram
Day 1 – Another great day out of Carrillo. Six sails released
day 2 – Sailfish and yellowfin again today. Three of each.

Flamingo :
WA 31ft Bertram
day 1 – Happy anglers today. Released two sails and boated three yellowfin and a dorado.
day 2 – Escaped the 30 knot wind gusts of Flamingo and fished 40 miles south.
Released 7 sails and boated a baby mahi for dinner

Capt. Bernie , Convertible 42 ft Bertram
day 1 – Today on was the first day of Marlin University. We had a good start releasing 9 sailfish.
day 2 – We released 19 sailfish on the Bertram on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Los Suenos Marina Herradura :
Capt.Carlos 32ft ( usually in Flamingo )
day 1 – 5/8 sails .. little rough this day
day 2 – 8 sails  , caught 10 yellow fin 15-25 lbs

Capt. Richard 31ft Sport fisher ( usually in Flamingo )

day 1 – raised 25 sails , 20 bites
day 2 – 4/5 sails 1 blue marlin

Capt. Brent Sportsman
49 bites today

Capt. Chris 46ft Viking
7/17 raised 22

Capt. Tom
day 1 – 6/8 sail
day 2 – 12/13 sails

OK , for all you fishing people out there wanting to know how fishing is this time of year

The Los Suenos Triple Crown Billfish Tournament leg 2 kicks off with the Capt/Observer sigh in and
party starts Wens Observers meeting every day at 5 an at the Hook Up bar in Los Suenos , on the boats
at 5:30 am returning around 6pm everyday .. 1st leg was in Jan with 44 boats and over 1950 billfish
if anyone  want to get up dates on the tournament .. go to Google and put in Los Suenos Triple Crown 2106
qnd you will get a boat by boat up date .. since 2 yrs ago the we have been breaking records , more and more
people are coming down for some great fishing .


Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Feb 16th , 2016

Well its a little rough up in the Tamarindo/Flamingo area due to the papagayo wind
but still have a few good catches up there .
Wet Sportfishing , 31ft Flybrige Bertram .. released 7 sails and a baby Mahi
Capt.Skeet W .. Yesterday on the Wacker we caught a big blue marlin, 6 sailfish and a nice mahi for dinner
Capt.Steve ,xpress 36 ft  ..  4/7 sails  6 grouper
Capt.Jon , 28ft Shamrock .. 7/7 sails missed a blue

Los Suenos Marina
G Fisher 31ft Sportfisher
1st day raised 25 sails , 20 bites
2nd day  4/5 sails , 1 blue

O Fla 45ft Carolina
1st day 15 sail .. South East
2nd day  9 sails 1 blue

Capt.Carl , 32ft Express
1st day 8 sails .. 10 yellowfin tuna 15-25 lbs
2nd day 7/9 sails
3rd day 7/10 sails

Capt. Chee , 31ft center console
1st day 4 sails
2nd day 8/10 sails
3rd day 4 sails 1 blue 22 miles out

Capt.Cris , 46ft Viking
1st day 7/12 sails  5 Bonita
2nd day 5/9 sails

Capt.Tom , 36ft Custom Express
1st day 6/10 sails
2nd day 11/14 sails

Capt.Mel , 35ft
1st day 7/12 sails .. craters
2nd day 9/10 sails .. same place

Capt.Jack , 36ft Hatteras
1st day 7/9 sails .. little choppy , everyone was chumming the waters
2nd day 5/6 sails
3rd day 7/7 sails

Capt.Bill, 35ft Flybridge
1st day 6/8 sails 1 350lb blue
2nd day 5/9 sails

Capt. Jorge 28ft center console
1st day 5/8 snook , 1 rooster
2nd day 10 grouper , 1 rooster

Capt.Mike , 34ft L&H walk around
3 roosters , 1 DAMM bird