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Wednesday, May 27th, 2015

We had a few boats go out with there clients and had some good days .. our 1st 43. ft with Capt Mic had 6/11 sails and 10 yellowfin tuna and 2 dorado ..2nd 46ft caught a nice blue and 5 tuna , we also had (2) of our 28ft go out 3 times this week , fist was a half day and caught a rooster and 4 jacks .. our other 28ft was a full day 3/6 on sails 2 dorado .. in shore the 2nd trip 2 rooster and then they wanted to go snorkeling on Tortuga island after a full day on the 43ft 2 days before .. we also have a report up in the Papagayo area catching big dorado, jacks and roosterfish fishing inshore.  we try and set all our clients up for what they want , but we don’t do spear fishing .. and PLEASE remember while fishing in Costa Rica .. All Bill fish are Catch N Release . Please visit our webpage .. all our boats we charter out are on the right hand side of the page , look for the area you will be fishing in and click on the dark area once and you will see a picture , price and info on the boats .. Papagayo is having a tournament this coming week , so we are looking forward of hearing some good reports . Pura Vida Costa Rica



Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

We had a cple of boats go out this week and sent us a report , don’t forget we are located on the Southern Pacific of Costa Rica .. Los Suenos marina and marina Pez Vela breaking all records here for sail fish , we had (2) 28ft center consoles go out this week .. Capt Eddie and his crew went out and caught 15 grouper and 1 Rooster , Johnny did a little in shore getting a nice count of 6 snook  and 3 corbinas down Quepos way .. our 34 Topaz also had another great few days .. on day one caught 9 sail .. 3 dorado missed a blue on day 2 they had another great day , 14/20 on sails 2 dorado and a blue.



Wednesday, April 29th, 2015

Just wanted everybody to know the sailfish season in Los Sueños Costa Rica is still going strong 30 plus bites a day with Capt B , over the weekend Capt Howard had 24 for 41 on sails and 2 dorados next day out 12 sails 1 striped and a dorado .. Capt Dave M .. 30 for 50+ bites on Sails and a nice Blue Marlin , 2 days before  14 for 25 and miss a Blue Marlin .. we had 2 of our 28ft center consoles go out and 1 full day 6 sails 1 dorado .. half day , 5 snook  1 Rooster on the 26th of this week 14 for 25 and miss a Blue Marlin ..



Friday, April 24th, 2015

April 15, 2015, QUEPOS, Costa Rica. — The fleet of 67 international teams from 28 countries charged out of Marina Pez Vela under picture perfect conditions yesterday, April 14,th for day two of the 16th Annual Offshore World Championship tournament. The end result was a new single day tournament record with 940 sailfish, 1 black marlin and one striped marlin being released.The white hot bite continued from day one with several teams recording multiple double and triple hook-ups during the day. Team Torneio de Peixes de Bico, Brazil, caught-and-released 30 sailfish and weighed a 28 pound wahoo to claim the top team spot for day two with 6,028 points. The Championship Anglers are mainly targeting sailfish worth 200-points per release but should they encounter and best a blue black or striped marlin  they will earn 500 points per release.



Friday, April 24th, 2015

The two coastlines of Costa Rica are blessed with abundant marine life, excellent weather, and
very nice people who are eager to teach newcomers to the world of deep sea fishing the wonders of going offshore. First-timers who want to learn more about deep sea fishing should plan a trip to Costa Rica for the purpose of becoming acquainted with this recreational activity. To this effect, the following press release from NewsUSA has features some good advice:

(NewsUSA) – For a truly unique vacation experience, try deep sea fishing in one of the world’s best areas for the sport — Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers one of the healthiest fisheries in the world, where 20-fish days are not uncommon, and fish simply don’t come in small sizes. Los Sueños Marina, which is home to an extensive charter fleet certified by the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism, reports that dorado average 40 pounds, and yellowfin tuna often push past the 300-pound mark. Other fish, including wahoo, roosterfish and snapper, as well as sailfish and marlin, also call the coast of Costa Rica home.

The good fishing might explain Costa Rica’s ranking as one of the happiest places on earth. Vacations and sportfishing at Los Sueños Resort and Marina can be accommodated by CRFR (Costa Rica Fishing Report), a tourism group that has 8 years planning fishing charters with boats ranging from 26 feet to 65 feet. Want in on the action? Costa Rica Fishing Report offers the following tips for first-timers:

Look for an experienced deep sea fishing charter. A qualified deep sea fishing boat will take you to the best fishing spots and provide the correct bait for the fish that you want to catch. Fishing licenses are required each year and do not cost much.
All good boats practice catch and release on all bill fish to ensure good fishing to the future generations. There are restaurants that will cook your catch when you bring in Mahi Mahi or Tuna. There are also chefs who will cook your catch in the privacy of your accommodation.
Guard against seasickness. Even if you’re fishing in Costa Rica, which is known for its gentle, smooth waters, you might get disoriented on the boat. If you get sick, stay above deck and concentrate on the horizon line. Avoid strong smells, like that of the bait, until the nausea passes. Taking motion sickness medication ( benadryl ) before you board can help you avoid the issue altogether.
Come prepared. Bring sunglasses and a hat or visor. Be sure to drink plenty of water while on the boat. Don’t forget sunscreen; even if you stay in the shade, the glare off the water can give you sunburn. And don’t forget to bring your camera. After all, you’ll want photographic proof of your big catch!

Costa Rica Fishing Report 8835-3334 in Costa Rica 1-800-9SAILFISH in the USA
or 1-800-506-9694
Let the phone ring 10 times. We are there. It’s takes a few rings to make it to Costa Rica.


Americana Sportfishing Costa Rica


Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

Well right now we don’t have too many charter boats in Los Suenos Marina right now due to the
OWC tournament in Pez Vela Marnia in Quepos with A fleet of 67 international teams from 28 countries .. but we did have a few that stayed behind to take care of our clients , on the 43ft custom they had 17/22 on sails with 3 dorado .. on the 35 ft express they where 12/15 on sails .. on the 31ft center console 7/9 on sails , we had a 28ft center console did some bottom fishing with 10 grouper and a few snapper all in all the clients had a great time and for some was there 1st time going off shore fishing



Saturday, April 11th, 2015

As we leave March and enter April fishing is still going strong .. Capt Howard was 13/24 on sails and  22/40 a few days ago .. Dave E gave a report on a few of his boats this week , 20 SAILFISH, 1 BLUE MARLIN; 1 MAHI MAHI .. 14 SAILFISH; 7 TILEFISH & 3 GROUPER .. 31 SAILFISH, 4 MAHI MAHI & 1 ROOSTER FISH .. 41 SAILFISH and 1 DORADO TODAY .. Capt Chin had 7 sails on the 31 center console and 5 sails on the 28ft .. fishing is still alive ..


Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

We have several boats reporting good fishing 43ft Convertible 23/25 sails .. 35 Flybridge 17/26 sails .. 34 Topaz 13/18 sail 0/1 on blue marlin .. 31ft Bertram .. 32 express 9/15 sails , 3 dorado .. 28ft center console 5 sail .. please check out our list of charter boats listed on the right hand side of our webpage , just click on the dark are and you will see a picture , price and info on the boat .. this week March we have the 3rd and final leg of the 2015 Los Suenos triple crown .. Google Los Suenos 2015 triple crown and keep up with the results .


Wednesday, February 25th, 2015

We have some up dates for this week ..  from the 43ft .. 22 / 28 sails .. on the  Flybridge  35ft   , 1st day  16 sail , 2nd day 7 sails 1 bull dorado on the 33ft .. 12 sail .. on the 28ft center console 7 sails .. 2nd day .. 4 sails .
If you want the up dates on the 2nd leg of the Los Suenos triple crown Google it and keep up with the tournament .. Feb 25th registration day .. Thurs – Sat .. 3 days on the water trying get that big check .


Thursday, February 19th, 2015

Another great week of fishing on the  Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica , we had one of our fleets go out the other day and with 4 boats

they caught 64 sails .. we had our Capt. Bill on his  Flybridge  35 ft with 8 sails .. 1 50lb dorado and 3 tuna about 35-40 miles out

We had Steve out on his Express 33 ft , 12 sales missed a nice blue Marlin , and Capt C went out in his 28ft center console and had 4 sales , he caught a

blue Marlin last week .. we have the Los Suenos Triple Crown leg 2 .. 25th – 28th .. registration on the 25th and fishing 3 day with 39 boats .. Jan leg1 was

over 2100 bill fish where Caught N Released .. world record for having 55 bill fish per boat with 39 boats .. Google Los Suenos 2015 and get the up dates

on the tournament .. don’t forget to check our boats we charter on the right hand side of our website .. click on the dark twice and you will see a picture

the price and info on our boats  2/18/2015