Nov 26th , 2015

November 26th, 2015

Got a little run down from Capt. Bill .. 2 days ago they had 2 blue , 1 stripe and 4 sails leaving out of Los Suenos

“30 foot Express”

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November 21st, 2015

The BITE is back , reports from the CARIBBEAN  to Quepos

Capt Eddie B says the tarpon are still there but a little rain  has great package deal

Capt . Carlos reports fishing last week with one group 7 sails .. 3 tuna
2nd group .. 5 sails and 32 tuna
Vicky reports 35 tuna
Capt. Skeet .. 2 blue ..2 dorado .. 3 stripe and 6 sails

Los Suenos Marina
Happy birthday Capt. Dana T with his Grand Slam on his birthday and the next day a Slam , blues , stripes , sails and dorado
Capt, Jorge .. 1st day .. 4 sails .. 4 dorado .. missed 1 blue
2nd day .. 2 sails .. 6 grouper .. half day
Capt Mitch  .. 2 blue .. 4 sails

Marina Pez Vela
Capt. Skip .. 1 blue .. 4 sails and 3 dorado
Capt John .. 2 blues .. 1 stripe .. 4  sails and 1 dorado

Capt. Diego .. 2 rooster  .. 3 grouper .. 1 snook

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November 5th, 2015

Well we are getting into better weather and the water temperature is getting to where marlin ,
sail and dorado are coming back to our area .. with the holidays coming up December is the month
when better fishing starts . Come Jan- March is our busiest season .. when Los Suenos Marina has their
Triple Crown bill fish tournaments .. you know when the tournaments are here .. so are the fish and we have been
breaking records in our area .. Los Suenos and Marina Pez Vela are hot spots for marlin and sail .. we are the sail
capital of Central America .. we heard from Capt. Carlos up in Flamingo and this week there going crazy catching
sail and tuna . If you have no one to celebrate the holidays with , come on down and do some fishing.
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October 31st, 2015

Well as we leave the rainiest month of October we did have some good fishing daysCapt. Paul gives us a report from River Colorado up by the Nicaragua they been doing
some good tarpon fishing which ends this month of October.. taken out several groups
15 Tarpon in the past 3 weeks.

Capt. Eddie has reported in on his clients for Tarpon fishing
1st group  3/4 on Tarpon
2nd group was 4/4 on Tarpon

Reports from Flamingo and Tamarindo

Lots sailfish and a few marlins as well ( stripe mostly), average raised fish it’s been in the  8-15 with boats raising
up 40,released average on most of the boat around here has been in the 10-20, great water color, lots of bait and good water temperature, most of this has been happen 20 to 35 miles off shore, things looked very promising for the next few days, specially
since the moon and tide are Changing to a more favorable day fishing .

Los Suenos reports

Capt. Greg had 3 charters this week all full days offshore
1st day .. 6/7 sails .. 4 dorado
2nd day .. 4/7 sails .. 3 dorado
3rd day .. 4/4 sails .. 3 dorado .. 4 grouper

Capt. Tom 1 full day offshore .. 4 sail .. 1 blue marlin

Marina Pez Vela .. Quepos

2 days inshore half days
1st day .. 4 snook .. 2 snaper
2nd day .. 3 snook

36 foot Express

Up to 6 anglers. English spoken. Captain and crew. 8 luna tubes, live well, fighting chair, A/C, stereo and Bathroom. Penn 50’s /80’s, Shimano 20’s /30’s

FULL DAY $1,600 HALF DAY $1,250



September 22nd, 2015

Getting some reports from Flamingo to Quepos


Capt Carlos :Fishing down here in the flamingo area has been pretty good lately, past week we have had a good run of dorado and marlins, almost ever boat that goes out is releasing blues and dorados, we have had some stripe marlins as well, an average day this past week was at least +3 sails, +2 blues and +4 on dorados, not bad at all my friend. Fishing has been between 10 to 20 miles offshore, water is really nice, lots of bait and good water temperature (80-85).

In-shore fishing is also pretty good, we have been catching some snappers, rosters and amber jacks, but most of this action happens with live bait, so live bait if the best way to go this days.

Capt. Steve : we’ve been seeing some marlin, sailfish and dorado offshore, and roosterfish and cubera snapper inshore.

Capt. Genaro : We have been fishing with good success near the Bat islands for salis, wahoo, some blue marlins and inshore species like rooster and amberjack.

Los Suenos :

Capt. Mark : Went out 2 times this week with 2 different clients , offshore  catching 4 sails .. 3 dorado .. 1 blue
2nd day .. 3 sails .. 2 dorado and did some bottom fishing and caught 6 grouper and a few jacks on the way in .

Capt, Chio : went out full day , 2 sails  2 dorado

Marina Pez Vela, Quepos :

Capt. Skip :  Catching a few sails and dorado. Also snapper and some smaller grouper on bottom.

Capt. Will :  went  for a half day  .. caught 6 snook .. a few snappers and a couple of jacks

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August 20th, 2015

Time to catch up since coming back from working the Flor de’ Cane fishing tournament in Chinadega Nicaragua


Capt Skeet is pulling in some marlin again.

Excellent fishing continues in Flamingo, CR Yesterday we released 2 more blue marlin out of 4 bites.
That makes 9 blue marlin releases out of 5 full days and 2 half days for Rob the “Marlin Man” and his group.
Capt Steve comes in with 1 blue marlin and 6 sails for a full day offshore
5 snapper and a few grouper

Capt John did a half day inshore with 5 snook
Los Suenos
Capt Greg had 2 full days offshore with 2 different clients

6/10 on sails .. 0/1 on marlin 1 day

4/4 sails 3 dorado
Jorge  28ft center console

1 sailfish and 2 tuna    6 snapper
Capt B on his 45ft

Tues Wed fri with raised 3 blue marlin , 17 sails with first 2 days and 45 lb dorado. Day. 3- giant yellowfin tunas were fought most of day and also a big blue marlin , twice got it to the boat and then made a dive down and broke off , landed 150 lb yellowfin tuna , lost 3 more


Capt T went 2 half day inshore .. he is the master of the snook with 7 the 1st day 5 the 2nd day .

This 46ft Viking .. $2200.00 full day offshore

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July 30th, 2015

Well looks like the Marlin bite is on in the Tamarindo area

Capt. Skeet had an awesome week with his clients ..

Nice work Capt Skeet and Crew  releasing 2 Blue Marlin and 3 Sailfish. Flamingo, CR.

with my same angler that only wants blue marlin…… we went 3-3 on blue marlin. He has
decided that after catching 6 blue marlin in 2 1/2 days that we will try it again tomorrow.

Yesterday on with Skeet we ended up releasing 3 sailfish and boating 3 yellow fin tuna.

Another day with Skeet ..     caught a GRAND SLAM consisting of 1 blue marlin, 1 striped marlin and 4 sailfish. Out again tomorrow.

Jaco / Los Sunos : Capt. Gregg P ..reports…4 for 7 sailfish…we caught a nice mahi-mahi…and jumped off a blue marlin. The fishing seems
to have improved a bit. Water temp 84.3 as opposed to the 88 degree water last week.Pura Vida!

Capt Chee : 31 ft center console full day offshore .. 4 sails 3 dorados

31ft did a half day and went bottom fishing .. 12 grouper

The fads with Capt. James : Just got back from our 3rd fads trips of the season had on awesome trip raised
41 blue marlin had 17 bites on the the fly catch 4

Marina Pez Vela : Capt. Rey

28ft center console .. inshore half day .. 3/4 on roosters .. 7 jacks and 3 reds

28ft 2nd day full off shore .. 2 sails .. 4/4 dorado

This little sweet thing is a great charter .. Tamarindo / Flamingo

32 Foot Express

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July 3rd, 2015

Here’s an update on several boats from Papagayo to Quepos ..
Papagayo ..  Capt G went off shore for a full day , 3 sail .. 3 dorado , 2nd boat went for
a half day 2 dorado and 2 tuna
Tamarindo .. Capt Steve on his 36ft express , was 6/7 sail , 3 dorado and missed a nice Blue
Los Suenos ..

Brent took the family out on the 45ft , 4/6 sails .. 3 grouper and 5 small dorado. Did some bottom fishing and caught some grouper , jacks and snappers .
Gringo was 3/5 sails , 4 dorado and Foxy was 2/4 sails and 4 dorado
Chin 2 , 31ft center console also did some bottom fishing and ended up 6 grouper , 4 snapper and 3 jacks ..
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June 22nd, 2015

 Tamarindo .. 6 clients went for 3 different days fishing charter:
On day one they had a slow morning, but then they caught fish the rest of the day, tuna, dorado, snapper.

On day two they were feeling a bit beat and came in early, although they also caught some dorado for dinner and lunch the final day.

On the last day they caught a nice roosterfish, some dorado, and, even though they were fishing on the shoreline in shallow water, caught 1 out of about 4 sailfish.

Capt. G and our clients went for 3/7 sail fish close to in shore
6 snook and a rooster .. 2nd day they did some bottom fishing and caught some nice grouper

Flamingo area ..
Capt . Skeet
1 sailfish and 2 mahi on the Bushwacker yesterday. Slow.
We released 6 sailfish and raised 1 marlin today
Nice work Capt Skeet Warren and Crew releasing 6 Sailfish

Los Suenos marina
Capt. Greg P
Well..the blue marlin were smiling on the Amigos today. Unfortunately the fishing was better than the catching. We raised 3 trolling …had 2 bites…hooked both….caught one over 400lbs, pulled the hook on another of the same size. All came to the squid chains. The third was very aggressive but never switched to the bait. Had 2 other bites live baiting… missed one, and pulled the hook on a NICE one. Pretty day at sea. Sweet boat. Pura Vida!

Well there doing all they can for TAG and Release . Georgia Lenard and Tanner took a little fishing trip to relax
and caught some nice snook , Georgia tagged one and released it .. its something that Marina Pez Vela ( Carter ) and Grey Taxidermy
Bill Dobbelear and CR Primo are supporting .. nice pic of Georgie with a Tag and Release .. Happy Fathers day to all



June 11th, 2015

We have some good fishing reports from up North towards Papagayo , Tamarindo and Flamingo area , The Presidential Challenge
had a small tournament and lot of marlin being caught .. There small fleet released 20 blue marlin and 17 sailfish during the 2015 competition . Our good buddy and Capt Skeet has been treating his clients very well , 3 lady anglers releasing 2 Blue Marlin, 2 Sailfish, and pulling the hook on a Striped Marlin and catching a Mahi , we had a family of 4 .. Mom and JD took there 2 kids ages 9 and 7 and caught 4 dorado and 1 rooster .. down here in the Los Suenos / Jaco area we had 2 boats go out   5 dorado 1 sail and on the way in towards shore a nice size rooster , our other Capt reported  3 dorado and  3 snapper .. rain holding off in the day time to get some fishing time in ..

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