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Mahi mahi

Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Quepos & Manuel Antonio Sportsfishing (Central Pacific)
Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo, Samara & Carillo Sport fishing (Northern Pacific)

Drake Bay, Mata Palo, Puerto Jimenez & Golfito Sports Fishing (Southern Pacific)

Costa Rica Tarpon fishing lodges Barra del Colorado, Rio Colorado, Tortugero and Rio Parisima fishing (Northern Carribean)

Nicaragua Tarpon fishing lodge Rio Frio, Cano Negro, Lake Nicaragua and San Juan River fishing (Costa Rica & Nicaragua border)

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As listed in International Game Fish Association's world Record Game Fishes


BONITO Pacific Sarda; 8 lb; Golfito; 2/13/78; Jean A. Lovetang, W-6. BASS Split tail Hemanthias signifer, 1 lb 8 oz; Playa Zancudo; 6/10/95; Dr. Craig Whitehead.

DOLPHIN (Dorado or Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus; 87 lb; Gulf of Papagayo; 9/25/76; Manuel Salazar.

GAR Tropical Lepisostius tropicus; 6 lb 6 Os; Rio Frio; 11/22/94; John A. Corry.

GRUNT Burro Pomadasys crocro; 4 lb 1 oz; Rio Frio; 12/4/95; John A. Corry.

GRUNT Pacific roncador Pomadasys baysnus; 3 lb 8 Os; Rio Grande de Terraba- 1/28/90; Dr. Craig Whitehead.

GUAPOTE (Rainbow Bass) Cichiasoma dovi; 12 lb 9 oz; Lago Hule (also known as Lago Echandi); 4/13/91; Rick Killgore.

GUAPOTE Jaguar Cichiasoma managuense; 1 lb 10 oz; Barra Colorado; 9/9/97; John C. Taylor JACK Pacific crevalle Caranx cannus; 29 lb 8 oz; Plays Zancudo; 1/1/94, Ronald C. Snody.

LEATHERJACKET Oligoplifes altus; 3 lb 8 oz; Rio Cofo; 2/6/90; Dr. Craig Whifehead. (Same angler tied his own record for species at Plays Zancudo, 5/27/95).

MACHACA Brycon guatemalensis; 9 lb. 8 Os; Barra del Colorado; 11/24/91; Barbara Ann Fields .

MULLET Hog Joturus ichard/; 7 lb 2 oz; Rio Sarapiqul; 8/9/95; Carlos M. Barrantes R. SEABASS Leather Dermatolepsis dermafolepis; 4 lb 8 Os; Plays Zancudo; 1/23/93; Dr. Craig Whitehead. NOTE: This record appeared in past issues of the IGFA record book but was omitted in the 1998 edition.);

SNAPPER Lutlanus colorado; 20 lb 8 oz; Plays Zancudo; 3/19/93; Dr. Craig Whitehead. SNAPPER Mullet Lutjanus aratus; 33 lb; Drake Bay; 9/23/97; Jose' F Reyes Astorga.

SNAPPER Pacific cubera Lu(/anus novemfasciatus; 78 lb 12 oz; Bahia Paz Vela; 3/23/88; Steven C. Paull.

SNAPPER Yellow Luanus argentiventris; 11 lb; Plays Zancudo; 3/12/93; Roy Venlura Roig.

SNOOK Common Centropomus undecimalis; Rio Parisma; 10/18/78; Gilbert Ponsi.

SNOOK Pacific black Centropomus nigrescens; 57 b 12 oz; Rio Naranjo; 8/23/91; George Beck

SNOOK Pacific blacklin Centropomus med/us; 5 lb 8 Os; Plays Zancudo; 9/10/95; Dr. Craig Whitehead

TILAPIA Oreochromis n/lot/ca; 6 lb 5 oz; Lake Arenal; 2/10/95; Marvin C. Smith

TILEFISH Golden-eyed Caulolatilus affinus; 1 lb 8 Os; Plays Zancudo; 3/10/93; Dr. Craig Whilehead

WAHOO Ancanthocybium solanderi; 57 lb; Gulf ot Papagayn:
6/13/95; Harmano Fehringer; 12 lb.


BONITO Pacific Sarda; 8 lb; Golfito; 2/13/78; Jean A. Lovetang, W-6. DOLPHIN - (Dorado or Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus; 87lb; Gulf of Papagayo; 9/25/78; Manuel Salazar, M-50 (also holds all tackle record) .

JACK Cravelle Caranx hippos; 42 lb; Barra Colorado; 10/1/78; Marilyn Mattson; W-20. JACK Pacific cravelle Caranx caninus: (1) 7 lb; Playa Zancudo; 12/20/95; Dr. Craig Whitehead, M-2. (2)18 lb 8 oz; Plays Zancudo; 9/2/95; Dr. Craig Whitehead, M-8. (3) 28 lb 12 oz; Golfito; 8/2/92; Dr. Jerome N Matthews M-20; (4) 29 lb. 8 oz.; Plays Zancudo; 1/1/94; Ronald C Snody M-50 (also holds all tackle record). (5) 23 lb 8 oz Plays Zancudo; 12/23/92; Judy M. Sypniecki, W-50.

MARLIN BLUE (Pacific) Makara nigricans (1)182 lb 8 oz; Quepos; 3/15/89; Marg Love; W-4. (2) 303/b Flamingo Bay; 8/15/91; Deborah Maddox Dunaway W 12.

ROOSTERFISH Nematistius pectoralis (1) 42 lb Golfito; 5/19/90; Dr. Jerome N. Matthews; M 8 (2) 88 lb 12 oz; Gulf of Papagayo; 10/9/92; John Porr; M 18 (3) 28 lb Gulf of Papagayo; 9/25/98; Beth K/a/ne; W 4 (4) 80 lb' Flamingo Bay; 10/1/93; Virgin/s Jane Penley; W 8 (5) 43 lb Flamingo Bay; 7/18/92; Deborah Maddox Dunaway W 130.

RUNNER Rainbow Elagatis bipinnulata (1) 24 lb Tamarindo; 11/23/86; Anthony V Spezzano; M-12 (2)14/b 7 oz Is/ada Coco; 3/26/84; Nors C. Schofield.

SAILFISH Pacific latiophotus platypterus (1)111 lb Flamingo Bay; 7/5/93; Jerry Dunaway; M-2. (2)102 lb Flamingo Bay; 7/19/92; Deborah Maddox Dunaway W 2 (3)109 lb 12 oz; Deborah Maddox Dunaway; W-4.

SNAPPER Cubera Lutjanus cyanopterus' 88 lb 5 oz; Tortuguero 8/27.

SNAPPER Pacific cubera Lufianus novemfasciatus (1) 2 lb; Plays Zancudo 12/18/95 Dr Craig Whitehead M 2 (2)12/b Matthews M 4 (3) 6 lb; Plays Zancudo 9/8/95 Dr Craig Whitehead (4) 48 lb 3 oz; Drake a Bay 6/6/97 Bill Kirby M 8 (5) 51 lb Drake a Bay.

SNOOK Centropomus app (1) 55 lb 8 oz Rio Parr/ta; 12 (2) 49 lb 13 oz; Rio Tulin 5/20/90 Gerardo Cespedes M 16 (3) 53 lb 10 oz; Rio M 20 (also holds all-tackle record) (4) 5 arsnio 8/23/91 George Beck, M 30 (5) 27 lb 8 oz Barr 0/2/89; onna avenport;

TREVALLY Bigeye Caranx sexfasciatus; 6 lb. 13 oz; Bahis Paz Va/s; 4/14/83;Yvas FM. Hentic; M-2.

SNOOK Bluefin Carnx malampygus; (1) 18 lb; Quepos 4/5/97; Michael R. C/ark; M-6. (2) 20 lb; Tamarindo; 5/28/89; Lawrence A. Gordich; M-12. (3(17 lb; Drake's Bay. Cocos Is/and; 5/5/97; Mar/i Manser; W-6.


BONITO Pacific Sarda app.; 12 lb; Plays Flamingo; 5/24/94; Robert Rein; 8 lb.

DOLPHIN (Dorado or Mahi Mahi) Coryphaena hippurus; 53 lb; Quapos; 1/14/97; Dr. Bill Mooney; 20 lb.

JACK Cravelle Caranx hippos; 44 lb; Tortuguero; 2/20/79; RI Mi//er; 16 lb. MARLIN BLUE (Pacific) Make/ra nigricans; (1) 203 lb 8 oz; Plays Carri/lo; 2/12/91; Jim (Harry) Gray; 16 lb. (2( 260 lb; Flamingo; 8/6/91; Jim (Harry) Gray; 20 lb. (NOTE: These are the only two Pacific blue mar/in records recorded by /GFA on fly rod. All other tippet classes are open).

MARLIN Striped Tetrapturus audax; (1( 105 lb; Cocos /sland;6/28;Char/es Owen, Jr.; 8 lb. (2(185 lb; Cocos Island; 8/30/95; Char/as Tombras; 20 lb.

ROOSTERFISH Namatistius pectorals /1( 33 lb 4 oz; Gulf of Papagsyo; 8/22/90; Eizo Maruhashi; 12 lb. (2) 31/b 12 oz; Gulf of Papagayn; 8/20/88; Jack Samson; 16 lb. (3) 40 lb; 6/5/94; Flamingo; Robert Rein; 20 lb.

SAILFISH Pacific Istiophorus platypterus; (1/ 94 lb 8 oz; Duapos; 1/9/91; Jim (Harry(Grsy; 4 lb. (2(103 lb; 2/16/95; Tony Hedley; 6 lb. (3(106 lb 8 oz; Guapos; 1/2/91; Jim (Harry) Gray; 8 lb. (4(124 lb; Gulf of Fapagsyo; 7/21/89; Eizo Maruhashi; 16 lb. (5(128 lb 8 oz; Guapos; 1/10/93; Lee J. Dixon, II; 20 lb.

SNAPPER Pacific cubera Lutjanus novemfasciatus; (1) 20 lb; Drake's Bay; 5/28/97; Co//in Huff; 16 lb. (2) 31 lb 12 oz; Drake's Bay; 4/21/97; Kevin Keith Ross Winter; 20 lb.

SNOOK Centropomus Undecimals; 26 lb; Barra de Colorado; 10/19/80; Bill Barnes; 16 lb.

TREVALLY Bigaye Caranx seafascistus; 8 lb 1 oz; Drake's Bay; 5/29/97; Collin Huff.

TRIPLETAIL Lobotes surinamenses; 16 lb 6 oz; Barra Colorado; 10/1/95; Jim (Harry) Gray; 20 lb;

WAHOO Ancanthocybium solanderi; 57 lb; Gulf ot Papagayn: 6/13/95; Harmano Fehringer; 12 lb.

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BIRD WATCHING: Basically everywhere but specific tours are available for the serious Bird lover.
BUNGEE JUMPING: Available at several places – lots of fun, a little scary.
CANOPY TOURS: Available all over Costa Rica. Everyone loves the Canopy Tours.
CASINO / NIGHTLIFE: Casinos and Nightlife are available in most of the popular towns.
CROCODILE TOUR: Day Tour available in several places.

DOLPHIN / WHALE WATCHING: Dolphins are usually everywhere plus we do see the occasional whale.
HORSEBACK RIDING: Available in most places, who hasn’t wanted to ride a horse on a beach.
HOT SPRINGS / SPA: Available only in a few places, the best in romantic and relaxing getaways.
KAYAKING: Available in several places, white water or ocean kayaks – cheap water fun.
LAKE FISHING: Fish for the Guapote (Central American Bass) at Lake Arenal and Lake Nicaragua, great fighters on light tackle.
MOTORCYCLE / QUAD RENTAL: Available in several places, great fun, wear your helmet.
NATIONAL PARKS: Available in most areas, great tours, see wildlife and beautiful scenery.

PARAGLIDING: Available in a few places…try it if you get a chance…a few moments of panic followed by the best ride of your life.
RIVER FISHING: Fly fish for Trout in the high mountain streams, fish the jungle rivers for giant Tarpon and Snook.
SHOPPING: Available everywhere, take home some souvenirs and coffee
SURF / BOOGIE BOARD: Available in the most popular towns, what the hell…give it a shot.

TURTLE WATCHING: Available only at certain times and certain places but for some the thrill of a lifetime.

VOLCANO TOUR: Available almost everywhere, good family trip.
WHITE WATER RAFTING: Scenic and serene beauty followed by wet and wild adrenalin rush.
WINDSURFING: Available at a few places, Lake Arenal is famous for its windsurfing

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