25 January 2013

The offshore bite remains strong, a group today landed 12 Sails for close to 20 bites. Perfect weather for fishing here right now.

24 January 2013

The past few weeks have been very slow inshore with not much live bait around but a crew finally found some Roosters, catching a 30 and a 55 pounder, straightening the hook on a much larger one.

21 January 2013

One of today’s groups caught 6 Sailfish, 1 Mahi Mahi and 2 Tuna.

15 January 2013

Some hot fishing today. A group caught 16 Sailfish out of around 30 bites, lots of action all day long, they also caught a nice Mahi-Mahi for dinner.

13 January 2013

Offshore bite was red hot for this crew today, just 22 miles out from the marina. They caught 11 Sailfish for 16 bites and raised a blue Marlin that wouldn’t eat. They quit fishing at 12 noon and headed in. Conditions were perfect flat calm and sunny temps in the upper 80s. One of the […]

11 January 2013

Today’s catch 8 out of 9 on Sailfish bites, and a nice Dorado for dinner. Weather couldn’t be better, flat calm all day.

10 January 2013

Bite is still good, steady action though out the morning, with a 3 hour lull mid day, picked up again in the afternoon, and seemed to really turn on right when they had to start heading back. 9 for 16 on Sailfish bites, saw a few more that didn’t bite, and jumped off a Dorado. […]

7 January 2013

It was a beautiful day offshore landing 10 Sails for 14 bites, 2 double headers, plus 3 nice sized Dorado for dinner.

2 January 2013

Today’s crew fished offshore. It was a beautiful day offshore, they caught 5 out of 9 Sail bites and 1 for 2 on Marlin.

31 December 2012

The crew fished offshore today. Steady action all day long they ended up catching 6 out of 14 Sailfish bites, 1 out of 2 Blue Marlin and one of two Dorados. Seas calm, sunny skies and temps in upper 80s.