27 June 2013

Today’s group went after Roosterfish, landing 4 nice Roosters and pulling the hook on another.

26 June 2013

A group fished offshore today. Catching 2 Wahoos, several small Mahi’s, 1 Sailfish, and a nice Yellowfin for dinner.

25 June 2013

Fishing inshore today, they caught a Wahoo, a couple small Tunas, 5 Roosterfish, and several Jacks.

22 June 2013

A group today fished inshore landing 2 Roosterfish, 1 Cubera Snapper, and a few Jackson.

21 June 2013

A group fished offshore today, catching 1 blue Marlin and 1 out of 2 Sailfish, they found 3 pods of Spinner Dolphins but no Tunas around them today.

18 June 2013

One of today’s crew caught a few nice Yellowfin Tunas and 1 out of 2 on Sailfish.

15 June 2013

Today’s crew ended up catching 5 nice Tunas up to around 80 pounds around a pod of Spinner Dolphins. Later they found an old longline flag and tangled net floating that was loaded with all the small 1 to 10 pound Mahi’s and small Yellowfin Tunas you could want- thousands of them all around. They […]

14 June 2013

Today there were all the Yellowfin Tunas you could want they kept 10 between 35-50lbs.

11 June 2013

A group today caught a nice Rooster fish almost 50 lbs on a half day. They also caught several Jacks and a couple small Snappers.

8 June 2013

Offshore today catching 9 Yellowfins between 35&50 lbs. before moving back inshore and catching some Jacks, Snapper and smaller Yellowfins on light tackle casting poppers, lures, and jigs.