Just had a call from Capt. Billy    they went out about 20 miles and caught up with some dorado and sail 4/5 on sails 4/4 on dorado ..


Well my buddy Joel went offshore fishing the other day and caught some dinner for the family , 1/2 day of fishing they caught 6 dorado , saw a few jumper out there about 80 yrds away , isn’t that just the case , close enough but far enough away .. a few boats out […]


Well there was no shortage of dorado out there , Tom and John from New York decided to team up with 2 friends Paul and Tim  and went offshore yesterday and enjoyed it more then inshore .. they caught 18 dorado and 1/2 on sails .. there was 2 other boats out there and everyone […]


There’s been a few rough days out there but the fishing is still going strong .. while Capt. Billy had a cple of New Yorkers on his boat that never seen water other then the Hudson river , had a choppy but great day on the water . They were 1/2 on sails and 10 […]


Capt Billy went for a 1/2 day with his clients .. went out 6 miles and caught 20 dorado and they said that’s enough for the day , headed out before the rain came .. everybody going fishing this week caught a record amount of dorado .. great day for fishing ..


Well Kate’s surprise to her husband was a 1/2 day of fishing in Costa Rica for there anniversary  , they got on there boat in Heradurra and set out for some good fishing .. they were 2/3 on dorado and caught a nice rooster .. Tommy went out with his crew and were 6/6 on […]


Jon and Mike went out for another 1/2 day inshore in search for rooster fish that they didn’t see yesterday .. they must like fishing South of Jaco’ .. they found there rooster fish , 3/4 on rooster and 5 snook .. Sails and Marlin are still here .. Paul and his buds went out […]


Just had a few calls from the Capts we work with .. Don and his crew went out 20 for a half/day and 1/2 on Sail .. 15 dorado .. Jon and Mike went for a half/day inshore and got 6 nice snook just South of Jaco’ .. heard them talking about having a snook […]


We had a few real good fishing reports from Capt Dave .. they went out and hit the Fads about 160 miles out .. 4 boats were out there , Dave’s boat caught 14 blues in a day 1/2 .. between the 4 boats out there was over 40 blue .. little bit further in […]


Let me start by answering some questions about fishing down here in Central Pacific Costa Rica , our Captains and mates  are the best in both Marina’s .. Los Suenos ( Heradurra ) and Marina  Pez Vela ( Quepos ). Fishing is getting better as were not to far from season and were still getting […]