1/16/15 » 1/16/15

Four reports today from this week , starting with 3 boats out of Los Suenos and Herradura Bay .. 26ft center console went for a full day 7 sails and a dorado .. on the 42 custom had a good day .. 11 for 14 on sails, 3 tunas and a dorado today and on the fly for 4 days 55 Sailfish and 12 Mahi Mahi and a little further North of us , the Skeetman had a great day .. how’s this .. raised 4 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin, 4 sailfish, 2 dorado and a wahoo .. we know there still here and up North .. Starting next week Jan 22-24 The Los Suenos Triple Crown bill fish tournament , 3 days off catching as many as you can , you can get the results by going to Los Suenos triple crown 2015 .. or check with us as we give you a run down .. check out out boats we charter on the right side of our page .. Remember all bill fish are Catch N Release ..

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