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April 14, 2008

Monday, April 14th, 2008


The bite seems to be to the south with most of the boats running 30-40 miles. The guys that are going the distance are catching decent numbers of Sailfish and a few Dorado.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” took Brian and his buddy out 40 some miles to the south and went 10 for 20 on Sailfish.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” ran a long way and went 4 for 8 on Sailfish…Dave thought the bite was slow but 4 for 8 really isn’t a bad day.

There are rumors of a few boats crushing it 45-55 miles out.  The guys on the “Lady Columbo” are rumored to have raised over 60 fish.   One of the Dream boats was rumored to have released 29 Sailfish.

April 12, 2008

Sunday, April 13th, 2008



The bite out of the Los Suenos Marina has slowed to some average numbers. A week ago the bite was out west and then a few days ago it moved to the south and now it seems to be scattered. For the past two days most of the boats have been running 30 and 40 miles but not pulling the huge Sailfish numbers that we have had the past month. Most of the boats today seemed to run hard and slug it out for 2 or 3 fish.

Yesterday Captain Carlos on the “R&J” took Brain and his buddy offshore and caught 3 Sailfish, a Mahi Mahi and a Marlin.

Yesterday Captain Tim on the “Tres Amigos” pulled 3 deuces with 2 Sailfish, 2 Mahi Mahi and 2 Striped Marlin over 200 pounds. Today they took Steve and his buddies out and went 1 for 7 on Sailfish. The Captain went 42 miles and fished hard for those fish…sometimes they bite aggressively and sometimes they don’t.

Yesterday Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” released 8 Sailfish and kept a 45 pound Dorado for the grill. Today Captain Bill went 5 for 8 on Sailfish…he was out about 40 miles.

When the bite is 40 miles out the half day charters are forced to fish inshore.  The Inshore Fishing has been good the past week…with everyone catching some Roosterfish mixed in with some Amber Jacks, Cubera Snapper and Grouper.

April 10, 2008

Friday, April 11th, 2008

We are starting to get our first rumblings of things to come.  The past few days have been cooler with clouds and some rain showers.  Rainy season takes about a month to get here…it doesn’t seem to change the fishing much…it just moves the bite out farther.

As reported earlier in the week the Sailfish bite shifted south.  Since the bite shifted south most of the fisherman shifted south.   The boats that went south caught some good numbers of Sailfish.  Some of the guys that went west also reported some good numbers but not many hook ups.

Bob from Jersey wanted to hook his own fish on the “Fish Whistle”…Captain Brandon did not disappoint.  They went south and Bob went 7 for 15 on Sailfish and caught a 50 pound Bull Dorado.  Bob admitted that fishing with the circle hooks was something new.  It’s hard to undo years of hook setting instinct.

Captain Jorge on the “Barrilata” took a family from Michigan out for a half day trip.  They caught 3 nice Roosterfish and a Shark.  No details on the Shark but the family was happy.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s up” took a couple gals out to do some fly fishing.  These girls obviously knew their fly fishin…they caught 8 Roosterfish… on the fly.

It’s usually too windy here for me to fly fish because I must suck at it…this story motivates me to drag that fly rod with me more and start using it.  Eight nice Roosterfish on the fly has got to be some fun.

April 8, 2008

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008



The Sailfish bite out of Los Suenos Marina was good to some and hard work for others the past few days.

Everyone is still catching Sailfish, most of the boats are picking up a Dorado or two and some of the lucky ones are getting a shot at a Marlin…no reports of the delicious Yellowfin Tuna.

Yesterday Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” released 17 Sailfish…he said a 50 pound Bull Dorado crashed the spread but didn’t get hooked up. The clients were not disappointed.

Yesterday Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” went 11 for 18 on Sailfish and picked up a couple nice Dorado for dinner. The Captain said they fished 38 miles out.

Today Captain Dana on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” fished with a long time customer from Florida. The bite was slow and they worked hard to find fish and by the end of the day the angler caught his first ever Marlin and his largest Sailfish ever at 150 pounds….congrats. Captain Dana did some bottom fishing yesterday near the rock using butterfly jigs, they caught a 30 pound and 55 pound Broomtail Grouper. When I called Dana and some of the boys were cooking up a big slab of Grouper and having a couple cold beers…if it wasn’t a 30 minute drive I would go up there and chow… Dana’s wife Laura makes some killer grub…it’s the drive home from Dana’s that will get ya.

The guys on the “Spanish Fly” took a crew from Michigan out and in true “Spanish Fly” fashion released 24 Sailfish and a Marlin. Captain Daniel and his guys can catch some fish and they can be a curve buster. Catching 24 fish when everyone else is catching 6 is just not right…they are like the smart kid in class that everybody hated.

Captain George on the “Barrilatta” out of Herradura Bay took the Esterillos gang out yesterday. They went 2 for 10 on Sailfish.

Two for ten on Sailfish. Those days happen when you try and set your own hooks. I personally would rather hook one fish and hand it off then reel in ten fish after someone else has hooked it.

My next project is Costa Rica Fishing School…we’ll teach you to set your own hook.

April 6, 2008

Sunday, April 6th, 2008


The Sailfish bite cooled off a bit yesterday. Everyone reported seeing fewer fish but fortunately most of the boats still had good Sailfish numbers. The bite was mainly Sailfish and a scattered Dorado or two. Not many Tuna or Marlin sightings.

Yesterday Captain Bill went 10 – 19 on Sailfish. Bill’s been on a Sailfish roll for the past couple months…I would guess he is averaging about 15 fish a day.

Captain Dave took the Florida guys out again and they went 6 for 10 on sailfish. The two guys caught 27 Sailfish and a handful of Mahi Mahi on their 3 days of fishing. Darn good when your setting your own hooks.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s Up” was 38 miles out but went 8 for 14 on Sails and bagged a couple Dodo’s for the fryer.

The report for today so far is lots of Sailfish in the water…the action is all about 30 miles out.

Captain Bill took Mike and his buddies out on the “Sailfish” and went 11 for 42 today. He said there are fish everywhere. Bill reported numerous triple and quadruple hook ups but he said they would usually just get one fish to the boat.

Captain George on the “Barrilata” went 4 for 10 on Sailfish in his deluxe Panga…they also caught a 170 pound Striped Marlin. The “Barrilata” is taking the Esterillos Crew out tommorow…good luck boys I hope you rip it up.

Captain Jeremy on the “R&J” went 7 for 20 on Sails with a couple 30 pound Dorados.

April 4, 2008

Saturday, April 5th, 2008


The Sailfish bite is HOT, HOT , HOT out of the Los Suenos Marina. Everyone is fishing 25-35 miles out and almost everyone is releasing double digit numbers on Sailfish while adding a Dorado or two.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” went 16 for 22 on Sailfish and had 5 Sailfish and a Dorado hooked up at the same time…a sixer?

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” took Lou and his buddy out again today the clients hooked their own fish and they ripped it up going 15 for 30 on Sailfish with a couple big Dorado for dinner.

April 3, 2008

Friday, April 4th, 2008

The Sailfish bite was back on today with lots of boats raising and releasing double digit Sailfish.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” had a group that wanted to hook there own fish. The clients went 5 for 20 on Sailfish but did hook a 300 pound Blue Marlin. The Captain said he was a little more than 30 miles out to the West…past the craters. The clients got a rare treat when they came across a large group of giant Manta Ray…all with 12-15 foot wingspans.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” to Lou and his family out and had another solid day going 6 for 10 on Sailfish with a nice Dorado for dinner.

Captain Dana on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” took a guy out for some fly fishing.  He went 4 for 20 on Sailfish, raised a Blue Marlin and had a big Wahoo crash the spread.  Sailfish on the fly…what could be finer.

April 2, 2008

Thursday, April 3rd, 2008

The Sailfish bite remains solid although a bit scattered.  Everyone still seems to be fishing around 30 miles out but some guys out by the craters, some guys out at the corner and some guys down by the 26 rock and pocket.  The average seems to be 6-10 Sailfish, a Mahi Mahi or two and maybe a Marlin sighting if you have good karma.

A group from Atlanta went out with the guys on the “Spanish Fly”…maybe the most famous boat in Costa Rica.  They caught 12 Sailfish and a 300 pound Blue Marlin.

Captain Jeremy on the “R & J” went fun fishing and caught 22 Jack and 3 Mutton Snapper.   Jeremy was grilling up a slab of Snapper while giving me his report…butter…garlic…mmmm.

Captain Dave on the”Missbehavin” went out with a group from Orlando and went 5 for 8 on Sailfish and caught a big Mahi for the grill.

March 31, 2008

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008



The bite seems to have scattered with some boats catching 7 or 8 fish and some boats catching only 2 or 3. For some people and some places 2 or 3 Sailfish is a good day. We are a bit spoiled here, especially in the past few months. If you are used to catching 10 fish a day 3 Sailfish can seem like a disapointment.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” took Steve and his friends out and they caught 7 Sailfish and a Striped Marlin that was over 200 pounds. One of the guys had fished offshore but the other 2 were Virgins. Captain Bill broke em in right.  This is a photo of Steve’s MONSTER Sailfish.  Captain Bill says 11 foot long and over 180 pounds…and Bill would know.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” did a little combo trip and caught 3 Roosterfish and 2 Sailfish.