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August 27, 2008

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008



If you are a whale watcher now is a good time to get out on the ocean. Almost all of the boats are reporting seeing humpback whales with their babies.

We took this photo less than one mile from the Los Suenos marina. The mother whale was just cruising south at a slow pace and the calf was jumping around and having some fun. We followed the pair for a half an hour and the little guy must have jumped 20 times. I have been out on the ocean hundreds of times and you never get tired of seeing something like that.

August 27, 2008

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


For some people a full day of fishing is too much. For this angler that was the case. They wanted to go fishing but didn’t want to go a full day. They also heard the fishing was average so that made their decision even more difficult.

The weather was nice and the waters were calm so they decided on a half day trip with Captain Dave on the Missbehavin. They didn’t have any great expectations they just wanted a nice day on the water. They went down to the 26 rock and caught a few small tuna and a few wahoo…including this hawg.

wahoo steaks mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

August 26, 2008

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008


Hola from costa Rica,

The weather continues to be nice with sunny days and rain showers about every other evening. We did have a couple days this week with some unusually strong winds that made it tough on the smaller boats.

There are only a handful of boats going out everyday and everyone seems to be catching some fish. The inshore fishing in the area continues to be good with boats averaging 4 or 5 roosterfish, snapper and jack per day, even on some half day trips. The guys going offshore continue to pick at the sailfish averaging 3 or 4 fish per day and with luck they may get a dorado, tuna or a chance at a marlin.

With fewer boats the bite is harder to find. During high season we have 30 to 40 plus boats going out everyday and when boats find fish they communicate with other captains to share the bite. If there are only 6 or 7 boats going out per day the bite is more difficult to find. Six boats can’t cover the same area as 40 boats. The fish are still out there and they are still biting, it is just more of a challenge to find them.

These average numbers should not keep you from enjoying a day on the water. Although most of the boats that go out are catching average numbers there is one boat everyday that comes across a good log, a pod of tuna, or a pack of sailfish offshore. Those anglers are rewarded with an epic day of fishing.

August 20, 2008

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


A big wahoo and a nice yellowfin tuna on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica….in big tarpon country.

August 20, 2008

Thursday, August 21st, 2008


Remember that Costa Rica has some of the best tarpon fishing in the world and September and October are the two best months for tarpon fishing.

We work with some of the best tarpon outfits in Costa Rica including the most famous tarpon fisherman in Costa Rica and the #1 ranked lodge in Tortuguero.

Not only can you catch big tarpon and big snook but now you can run offshore and catch wahoo, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, grouper and more.

Contact us for more info on some of the best tarpon fishing in the world.

August 19, 2008

Thursday, August 21st, 2008



The fishing the past couple days has been good inshore and a little slow offshore.

The boats going inshore have been catching good numbers of roosterfish. Captain RJ on the predator caught 10 roosters and 5 jack over at Negritas…including a double header of 50 pounders. The guys on the Fandango caught 6 nice roosters on a half day. Captain Dave took a couple on their honeymoon and caught 3 nice wahoo on a half day trip to the 26 rock. the guys on the Straight Up caught a monster rooster a little north of Los Suenos.

The boats going offshore the past few days have been fishing hard and catching 2 or 3 sailfish and maybe a mahi mahi or small tuna.

August 17, 2008

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

The fishing at the Los Suenos Marina the past few weeks has been decent.  There have been a half dozen boats going out of the charter dock everyday and everyone has been catching some fish inshore and some sailfish offshore. …a couple boats have had big days.

The Cormier family recently fished with Captain Jerry on the Estrella de Mar and they caught 5 sailfish and 3 nice dorado.   Ken Cormier said they had an action packed vacation in Jaco with the great fishing, canopy tours, quad runner tours and horse back riding.  The captain fished inshore

Captain Bill Kieldsen on the Sailfish took Steve Lansch and his wife offshore at the beginning of August.  They released 3 sailfish…the captain said one of the sails was over 180 pounds.  Steve said he’s caught plenty of sailfish but never one that size.

A lucky group of guys from the states went offshore with the guys on the Barbarrosa and came across a big log about 30 miles out.  The log was a “honey hole”…they raised 9 blue marlin and released 4.  They also released 4 sailfish, 2 shark and they kept a couple tuna for dinner.  The lesson here is even if the fishing is just average you should go.  You could be the lucky guys that stumble across the next “honey hole”.

Captain RJ Lilley on the Predator fished the 26 rock (a submerged rock 20 miles from Los Suenos) with a couple from Cuba.  The fishing was a little slow but they stuck it out by the rock and were rewarded with a small tuna, small wahoo and a 400 pound black marlin.  That’s 3 blacks for Lilley in the past 2 months at the 26 rock.

Jason Betker fished inshore and offshore with guys on the Scorpion out of Los Suenos.  They caught a handful of nice dorado with a few over 40 pounds.  They also caught yellowfin tuna and roosterfish.  Jason froze 15 pounds of mahi mahi filets and was lucky enough to get it back to the states in good condition and he had friends over for a fish fry.

Captain Dave Mothershead on the Miss Behavin took a honeymoon couple from Florida out to the 26 rock and caught 3 sail, 3 wahoo, a tuna and a dorado.  A guy couldn’t ask for a better wedding present.

I went fishing with the guys on the Dragin Fly last week and we ran 35 miles offshore and fished out by Cabo Blanco.  It was my buddies birthday and he was a little hung over so we got a late start.  We fished 4 hours and went 3 for 4 on sailfish.  Birthday boy caught a fish, had a few cold beers and took a nap.  

Anglers Dave Toxie and Sabine Roes from the Washington, DC fished with Bill M aboard the Straight Up out of Los Suenos.  The lucky anglers caught a monster roosterfish northwest of the Los Suenos resort.   

August 15, 2008

Sunday, August 17th, 2008



I apologize for the lack of fishing report in August but  it’s been a crazy 2 weeks.

On Saturday August 9th, 2008 bubba’s tacos in Jaco Beach Costa Rica made the World’s Largest Fish Taco.  

The grilled mahi mahi fish taco was 36 feet long and include cheese, cole slaw and tomatoes with jalapeños, purple onions, lime wedges and hot sauce on the side.  

bubba’s has been cranking out the best fish tacos in Costa Rica for more than 3 years and is asking customers to help sponsor the Worlds Largest Fish Taco with a minimum $5 donation. 

100% of the money raised will go to establish a reef conservation project for the local high school and junior high school science classes.  The local Jaco schools will work with on the reef project.

The Worlds Largest Fish Tacos event will be documented and submitted to Guinness Book of world records.  

If you would like more information or would like to help sponsor part of the Worlds Largest Fish Taco to benefit reef conservation please contact Bubba at 2643-2898 in Costa Rica or send an email to


July 31, 2008

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

The fishing the past week has been average for this time of year.  The charter docks have been a little slow but the boat that are going out are still catching some fish.

Captain RJ Lilley on the Predator fished the 26 rock (a submerged rock 20 miles from Los Suenos) with brothers Aaron and Bret Conant from Omaha…they caught 10 wahoo and 6 yellowfin tuna.   Everyone cleared off the rock early because it was slow but Lilley kept picking at it and was there when the bite turned on…those cornhuskers ate well.  

A group of 5 guys from Michigan went out with Captain Bill Kieldsen on the Sailfish recently hoping for some eating fish.  They ended the day with 3 tuna in the 25 pound range and a 45 pound mahi mahi.

A group from Texas fished with the guys on the Barbarrosa out of Los Suenos.  They finished the day with 4 sailfish, 4 mahi mahi and 2 yellowfin tuna.

Captain Carlos on the Scorpion in Los Suenos had a few good weeks with lots of wahoo and yellowfin tuna at the 26 rock.  They also released a handful of sailfish and a nice black marlin in the same area.

The Fish Whistle out of Los Suenos with Captain Brandon Keene at the wheel did some deep dropping in 400 feet of water.  They caught a couple nice black groupers and a couple nice silky snappers.  They then ran down to the 26 rock for a few wahoo and a big cubera snapper.

Captain Dave Mothershead on the Miss Behavin took a family from Florida out to the 26 rock and filled the fish box with 5 nice tuna, 2 wahoo and a mahi mahi in the 40 pound range.

Captain James Smith on the Dragin Fly reports a good bite one day and a little slow the next.  One group from Florida went with the guys on the Dragin Fly and released a couple sailfish, a marlin and kept a few nice tunas.  The next day they fished the same areas and they only raised a marlin and a couple sailfish.

A family from Texas went out with Captain Dana on the Hoo’s Up for a half day of bottom fishing.  They hit one of the captain’s secret spots and caught a couple broomtail groupers in the 40 pound range.