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December 30, 2008

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

The fishing was good again today out of the Los Suenos Marina…although more scattered than yesterday the marlin bite was still hot and there were a bunch of boats offshore and almost everyone still seemed to be catching marlin.

Captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy went 3 for 5 on marlin, Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught 4 marlin, both boats also had some sails and mahi but nobody talks about sails and mahi when the marlin bite is on.

My friends and I went out on the Barnacle 2…the weather was hot and sunny and the ocean was fairly calm where we were.  We ended the day 40 miles out and went 1 for 2 on marlin, 2 for 3 on sailfish and 1 for 3 on mahi mahi.  It was a long hot day and I was thankful for the ice cold AC inside the Barnacle and the cold beers.  My buddy caught his first marlin so that made the trip a winner.

December 29, 2008

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

The fishing was red hot today out of the Los Suenos Marina.  The marlin bite is probably the best it has ever been according to several seasoned captains.  It seemed like everyone caught marlin today with some sailfish and mahi mahi mixed in.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught a stripe marlin, a blue marlin (300 lbs), 4 sailfish and 5 mahi mahi today.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin caught 2 stripe marlin,  2 sailfish , 5 mahi mahi and they missed a blue marlin.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish caught a blue marlin, 2 sailfish and 6 mahi mahi today and a strip marlin, 4 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi yesterday.

Captain Glen on the Bethina raised 4 or 5 marlin and caught at least one plus a handful of sailfish and a few mahi mahi.

Captain Rusty on the Prime Time caught a super slam, he caught a black marlin, blue marlin, stripe marlin, sailfish and mahi mahi.

Everyone but Rusty was fishing withing 30 miles.  Rusty and a handful of big boats ran 50-60 miles offshore and the rumor is they crushed the marlin with everyone seeing 5-10 marlin as well as sailfish and mahi mahi.

If a marlin is on your “fish list” get out now.  I am going out on  the Barnacle II tomorrow for a full day offshore and can’t wait to get a shot at a marlin.

December 28, 2008

Sunday, December 28th, 2008


The fishing the past couple days continues to be good out of the Los Suenos Marina near Jaco Beach.  Everyone is catching some fish and lots of boats are getting a shot at a marlin.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle took a father and his sons offshore and they released 5 sailfish, caught 8 mahi mahi all over 25 pounds and raised a nice blue marlin.

Captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy was trolling offshore  when he heard a loud thump hit the bottom of his boat.  The captain looked back expecting to see a log or maybe a turtle that he had hit with his boat.  It wasn’t a log or a turtle it was a 400 plus pound blue marlin.  After the marlin slammed the boat it dropped by and took the shotgun rod with ballyhoo and was off to the races.  They did get the big marlin to the boat for a safe release.

Captain James and the guys on the Fish Whistle went offshore with a family of 6 and they had a big day…they caught 5 sailfish, 8 mahi mahi and a marlin.

The marlin in the photo above was caught a couple days ago by Captain Dave on the Missbehavin.

December 26, 2008

Saturday, December 27th, 2008

The fishing heated up today out of the Los Suenos Marina.  The marlin bite was especially good with several boats getting marlin bites.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin went 30 miles out and caught a slam today with a 300 blue marlin, striped marlin, 4 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi.

Captain Rusty on the Prime Time was rumored to have have caught 3 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught 4 tuna, 4 mahi mahi, 4 sailfish and a nice blue marlin just past the corner.

Captain James on the Dragin Fly went offshore with some of my buddy’s today and they ended the day with 4 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi…they also raised a couple marlin but didn’t get any to the boat.

Captain Tim on the Tres Amigos caught 2 sailfish and 2 mahi mahi on a half day trip offshore.

Happy Holidays from Costa Rica

Thursday, December 25th, 2008


There were a couple boats fishing out of the Los Suenos Marina the past few days.   Everyone seems to be averaging 4 or 5 sailfishand a few mahi mahi per day.  Some of the bigger boats have been running way offshore (55 miles) and rumors are they are having a good striped marlin bite.  A couple boats raised 5 or 6 stripes.

Captain RJ on the Predator went 3 for 7 on sailfish, Captain Bill on the Sailfish  and Dave on the Missbehavin both released 4 sailfish and caught a few mahi mahi.  Captain James on the DraginFly released 4 sailfish and caught a few mahi.  Captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy took a family out for a half day and raised 2 sailfish, caught a nice mahi mahi for the grill and caught about 10 bonita for the little kids on the boat.


December 22, 2008

Monday, December 22nd, 2008


I have had some computer problems so I wasn’t able to update my fishing report until today.   The fishing out of the Los Suenos Marina the past week has been about average.   The fishing seemed to slow down a little but everyone is still catching some fish.

I went out on the Dragin Fly last Thursday and ended the day going 4 for 5 on sailfish, we raised a marlin andkept a m hi mahi for dinner.  We fished south about 30 miles and the water was beautiful.  The fish were spread out and we just picked at them all day long…one here and one there.

Captain RJ on the Predator took some guys out last week and went 3 for 5 on sailfishj and they bagged a couple mahi for the grill.  A couple days later RJ took a local restaurant owner out for a half day and caught him his first sailfish…they ended the day with 2 sails and 4 mahi.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin went long and hard a couple days and averages 3 sailfish and a couple mahi mahi each day.

There were rumors of a couple of the private boats going out 50 miles and catching good numbers of sailfish and a couple marlin.  Those big fish are always on the move and can be here today and gone tomorrow.

December 16, 2008

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

The fishing continues to be steady out of the Los Suenos Marina.  The holiday crowd hasn’t showed up yet but there are still boats going out and we are still catching fish.

I went out today with some friends from St Louis.  We fished with my friends on the Desperado.  We fished 30-40 miles out and ended the day with 10 mahi mahi in the 25-40 pound range and 5 nice yellowfin tuna in the 40-50 pound range.  I went 2 for 2 on mahi mahi with my hand line.  I also had a sailfish take a run at my handline…I am a little happy it didn’t take my bait.  Those mahi mahi by hand wore me out…I’m sure the sailfish would be a long battle.  We ended the day by helping out a 42 ft charter boat that was dead in the water.  We towed them the 20 miles home and we didn’t get back to the dock until 9.00 pm.  I guess if you are going to be stuck on a boat for 4 extra hours you can’t beat the Desperado with the direct tv, ice cold air and luxury ride.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin took a group out Monday for a day offshore and they ended the day with 5 sailfish and 5 mahi mahi.  Today Dave caught 4 sailfish and a half dozen mahi mahi.

Captain Brandon on The Fish Whistle took a couple guys out on Monday for some offshore fly fishing.  It was their first time fly fishing for sailfish.  They raised 4 sailfish but didn’t get any to the boat….fly fishing for monster fish can be like that.

I am going out with the guys on the Dragin Fly on Thursday and will update the fishing report.

December 12, 2008

Friday, December 12th, 2008

The charter dock at Los Suenos has been a little slow the past week.  These are the last slow days we will have until the holiday crowds start to show up around the 18th of December.  The boats that are going out are still having some luck.

Captain Jeremy on the R&J took a group offshore yesterday and they caught 4 sailfish and a bunch of mahi mahi.

Captain RJ fished on the Fish Whistle out by the craters and raised 3 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin…they released a nice 300 pound blue marlin and 3 sailfish.  RJ said one of the marlin was well over 500 pounds.

Please remember that if you reserve a boat you reserve a boat.  We have had several last minute cancellations lately even after the clients went out and had a great day of fishing.  When you cancel at the last minute you loose your deposit but that’s not the point.  Chances are the boat could have been booked with paying customers.  When you cancel at the last minute you are costing the captain and crew money they need to make a living…and that’s not right.


December 9, 2008

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

The WBS tournament ended on Sunday.  Here is the final update from

—The World Billfish Series Grand Championships wrapped up its final day of competition on Saturday, Dec. 6, with Florida’s Pat Logue emerging victorious. Logue, from Cape Coral, tallied an impressive score of 1,000 points with two blue marlin and two sailfish releases fishing aboard his 74-foot Viking, 1st Strike. And to the victor go the spoils: the bronze Grander Marlin trophy by marine artist Geoffrey Smith, a custom gold champion’s ring, the keys to a new 2009 Mercedes C-300 automobile and the title of WBS World Champion of Billfishing.

The WBS Grand Championships features a format that’s unique to the world of bluewater sportfishing. Anglers must first qualify for the event during year-long competition on the WBS World Tour, a series of over 70 WBS-sanctioned events in eight geographic divisions around the world—only qualified anglers may attend the year-ending WBS Grand Championships, held this year in Los Suenos, Costa Rica. The first two days of the event find all participants competing as individuals, with the top five moving on to the final day’s shootout that determines the World Champion.

Logue fought his way tenaciously through the two-day qualifier, winding up Day One in eleventh place. Having his work cut out for him, Logue set out on Day Two with his goal of making the top five clearly before him, and by the call for lines out of the water, he had done just that, releasing a pair of blue marlin and an additional sailfish to finish the qualifier in second place. Logue continued his hot streak in the World Tour Championship, releasing another pair of blue marlin (valued at 400 points each) and two sailfish (worth 100 points each) to emerge victorious. As a World Champion, Logue will also receive a lifetime qualifying exemption to the WBS Grand Championships to defend his title in the coming years.

In second place was Napa, California angler Larry Drivon, fishing aboard the 42-foot Maverick, Dragin’ Fly. Drivon qualified for the top five in third place and also continued his winning ways, falling just short of the mark set by Logue in the finals. Drivon released six sailfish on the final day to score 600 points, taking home a beautiful custom crystal trophy and a custom Joseph Henry timepiece. This was Drivon’s first appearance in the WBS Grand Championships.

Finding third place was Costa Rica’s native son and the 2007 WBS World Champion, Mainor Oporto. After a dominating performance in the first two days of competition where he finished in first place, Oporto also released six sailfish on the final day aboard another 42-foot Maverick, Spanish Fly, but fell just short of the mark set by Drivon based on the time of release—Oporto would have to settle for third overall, also winning a custom trophy and Joseph Henry timepiece.

December 7, 2008

Monday, December 8th, 2008


Here are the day 2 updates for the WBS Billfish tourney going on at Los Suenos Marina.

Los Sueños—The second day of the WBS Grand Championships World Tour Qualifier was definitely one for the history books. The fleet of 32 anglers aboard 16 amassed a total of 108 billfish on Day Two alone, including three marlin. This brings the total for the two days to 198 billfish, with every angler competing in the tournament releasing at least one marlin or sailfish in the event.

The top five anglers move on to today’s final shootout, where they will fish with one competing angler per boat. The top angler by points will be named the 2008 WBS World Champion and will receive the Grander Marlin bronze trophy, a gold champion’s ring and the keys to a new Mercedes C-300 automobile. The event is being filmed by Barrett Productions as part of the ongoing WBS television project. Barrett has multiple cameras aboard each boat today.

Leading the way during the two-day qualifying event was Costa Rica’s native son, Mainor Oporto, fishing aboard the Dragin’ Fly. He was able to release ten sailfish yesterday alone, for a grand total of 1800 points over the course of the past two days. Mainor is the defending champion and is certainly a favorite. The Dragin’ Fly is the newest addition to the Maverick Sportfishing fleet based out of Los Suenos—the 42-footers are built locally and are a favorite among both anglers and skippers for their speed and maneuverability.

Finishing the qualifier in second place is Pat Logue, fishing aboard the 1st Strike. Pat is a Cape Coral, Florida resident and was last year’s runner-up in this event, so he certainly has the tournament experience and drive necessary to bring the championship trophy back to the Sunshine State. The 1st Strike is a 74-foot Viking based in Panama and captained by Craig Clark.

In third place was Larry Drivon from Napa Valley, California. Drivon fished the qualifier alongside Oporto and rang up an impressive total of 1300 points during the two-day qualifier. Because two anglers on the same boat made it into the top five, Drivon will remain aboard the Dragin’ Fly with Capt. James, while Oporto will shift to the Spanish Fly, captained by Daniel Espinosa. This is Drivon’s first championship experience but he’s not to be discounted, having fished for many years in these waters.

the guys that are not in the tournament have been giving the tournament guys room to roam…several guys fished to the south yesterday.

Captain Jeremy on the R&J caught more than 30 mahi mahi and captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy caught a bunch of mahi as well including 4 on the fly.

The photo above was sent to me by Captain Elliot…it’s a 600 plus pound marlin they caught last year about this time.