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December 6, 2008

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

The last update I received on the WBS fishing tournament going on at Los Suenos is steady fishing…on day 1 they caught about 100 fish and on day 2 they caught about 100 fish. I am still trying to find real time updates on the internet but no luck at their website.

The guys not in the tournament have also been having good luck.

Captain Jeremy on the R&J took some guys from Florida out that were celebrating their dad’s 50th birthday. Jeremy delivered on the goods by catching 6 sailfish. Happy birthday!

Capatin Rich on the Desperado took a few guys offshore in the luxury ride that is the Desperado….air conditioning, direct tv, leather couches and wall to wall carpeting. They ended the day with a “slam”…they caught a striped marlin, a sailfish and a 500 plus pound blue marlin. Way to go Rich.

Captain Dana took a few locals out for some offshore fly fishing. They just used teasers and didn’t have any hooks in the water. They came across a school of spinner dolphins and caught a striped marlin on the fly and a nice yellowfin tuna on a cedar plug.

December 5, 2008

Friday, December 5th, 2008


The World Billfish Series is at the Los Suenos Marina this week.  I wasn’t able to find any early results on the net but I hear they are seeing lots of fish and averaging 5 or 6 releases per day.  I also heard the point total weren’t high so that means more sailfish than marlin…but that can change anytime.  One good marlin day for some lucky angler could make a big difference.

The photo above is one of two striped marlin caught the other day by Jeremy and Brandon on the Fish Whistle.

December 3, 2008

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008


There were rumors of a good striped marlin bite out of the Los Suenos marina yesterday.  last year at about this time we had a really good striped marlin run that lasted through December.   There were several days when boats were seeing a dozen striped marlin a day.  The bite last year was more than 35 miles out but everyone ran the distance for the chance at multiple marlin bites.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle took the Litton group offshore yesterday and fished more than 35 miles out and they caught 2 striped marlin, a sailfish and 8 big mahi mahi.

The photo above was a nice striped marlin caught during last years run.

December 2, 2008

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

The fishing out of Los Suenos continues to be good with a mix of sailfish and mahi mahi.  We had a couple rainy days with some winds but with December here those bad weather days are almost over.  December is the beginning of our summer and it will soon be hot and sunny with calm seas and good fishing.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin fished 26 miles out at the craters and went 1 for 3 on sailfish and a dozen mahi mahi.   Dave said the sailfish were not feeding aggressively but the mahi mahi were everywhere and you can catch as many mahi as you wanted.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle ran about 35 miles out with a group the other day in the rain and was rewarded with 4 sailfish and 10 mahi mahi.  They had to fish farther out than normal but Brandon does what it takes to catch fish.

November 30, 2008

Monday, December 1st, 2008



There wasn’t a lot of activity around the charter dock this holiday weekend. Yesterday was rainy and crappy all day and it was a little choppy offshore. A handful of boats went out from the Los Suenos Marina…some turned around to fish another day.

Captain RJ and Chris from RI braved the rains and seas and were rewarded with steady fishing…RJ ran about 10 miles and put the baits out. They were in the mahi mahi bite early and often. They caught a dozen mahi mahi all in the 20-40 pound range. Pretty good for a 5 hour trip in less than ideal conditions.

Captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy took a group out a couple days ago for a half day inshore and they caught a couple nice roosterfish. It was a sunny day with calm seas and the people had a good day on the water, even though the inshore fishing was a little slow.

Captain carlos on the Scorpion took some gals offshore for a short half day trip on Friday.  they caught a mahi mahi and a tuna…mahi mahi steaks and sushi mmmmmmm.

The marlin pic above was the big one Dave on the Missbehavin caught last week.