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January 14, 2009

Wednesday, January 14th, 2009


The fishing out of Los Suenos marina yesterday seemed to be slow for everyone.  There were lots of sailfish in the water but they didn’t seem to be biting well for anyone.  Several boats reported raising 7 or 8 sailfish and not getting anything to take a bait.  One of my buddies on a brand new 60 ft Viking raised 20 sails and released 4….normally if those guys raise 20 they release 15.  There were some mahi mahi caught and most boaats did pick up a sailfish or two.

The photo above is my “oh face” at the moment of hernia I believe.

January 12, 2009

Monday, January 12th, 2009


The fishing is still good and seems to be getting better out of the Los Suenos Marina as well as out of Quepos.  Most of the boats from Los Suenos have been running south and fishing the same area as the boats from Quepos.   The hot bite is about 30 miles in front of Quepos.

Captain Jorge on the J-Barilette took a couple from California out for a full day.  They caught 2 sailfish, 3 mahi mahi, a 250 pound blue marlin and a 350 pound black marlin…in a 28 ft center console.

The guys on the Reel Deal out of Quepos have been running 30 plus miles offshore and yesterday they caught 2 marlin, 3 sailfish and 2 mahi mahi and the day before they caught 1 marlin, 2 sailfish and 3 mahi mahi.

The early reports are the fishing was a little slow today but guys still caught marlin…Captain RJ on the Predator caught a blue marlin today and missed a blue marlin.  Dana on the Hoo’s your daddy caught a blue marlin also today and Tim on the Tres Amigos caught a striped marlin today.

The photo above is courtesy of the Lovelace group…father and son caught a bunch of marlin, sailfish and mahi mahi at the beginning of the month.

January 10, 2009

Sunday, January 11th, 2009


The fishing out of Los Suenos Marina seemed to pick up a little today.  The weather is perfect and you could water ski 20 miles offshore it’s so flat.

Some boats have been running south yesterday and today and seeing lots of sailfish.  I heard there were lots of sailfish pods out there and most of them were acting lazy as if they had been feeding all night because of the full moon.  It seemed like everyone caught a handful of fish.

A corporate group of out of the Atlanta area took 4 boats out today and had some good luck.  Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught 3 sailfish a couple nice mahi mahi and a blue marlin.  Bill on the Sailfish went 7 for 10 on sailfish and also caught several mahi mahi.  Dave on the Missbehavin caught a couple sailfish, 4 mahi mahi and a blue marlin (see photo above), Jeremy on the R&J caughta couple sailfish and several mahi mahi.  It’s good luck with a group that big to have everyone catch a fish or two.

January 9, 2009

Saturday, January 10th, 2009



The fishing out of Los Suenos the past few days has slowed down a little…not sure if it’s because of the full moon or just the a normal pattern.  All the boats are still catching fish…just not as hot and heavy as a few weeks ago.  The guys going offshore have been averaging 2 or 3 sails and 2 or 3 mahi mahi…a couple boats also caught marlin.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin caught a big wahoo and a 400 pound black marlin a couple days ago.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish went 3 for 3 on sailfish and caught 3 mahi mahi fishing 30 miles offshore.

Captain Jeremy  on the R&J went offshore the day of our big eartquake and caught 3 or 4 nice mahi mahi…everyone seemed to struggle that day…some think the fish knew the earthquake was coming.

I went out with some friends today on the Fish Whistle with Brandon for some bottom fishing.  We ended the day with 8 grouper in the 10-40 pound range.  I was fortunate enough to catch a 90 plus pound broomtail grouper.  I’m 6 ft 3 so he was at least 5 ft long and about gave me a hernia trying to take the photo above.  The hawg hit a live blue runner that I dropped down at one of Brandons hot spots 15 miles offshore in about 160 ft of water.  I must be getting old because that big boy wore me out.

January 4, 2009

Monday, January 5th, 2009


The weather has been hot and sunny and the ocean calm the past few weeks…it seems like summertime is here to stay.    The marlin are still offshore in good numbers out of the Los Suenos marina.   Guys are fishing anywhere from 25-45 miles out and almost everyone is getting a shot at a marlin.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught a 250 plus pound blue marlin, a 180 plus pound stripe marlin, 3 sailfish and 4 mahi mahi.  Brandon said he caught most of his fish on the inside around 30 miles out.

Captain Jeremy on the Desperado fished 40 miles offshore and they raised 4 stripe marlin and 2 blue marlin, they ended the day with one sailfish release, one marlin release and a couple mahi for the grill.

January 3, 2009

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009


The fishing the past couple days seems to have slowed down a little but most boats still caught marlin.

Captain RJ on the Predator fished out by the craters and reports a slow bite…they saw one sailfish, one mahi mahi but they did manage to catch a 400 plus pound blue marlin.

Captain Dana on the Hoo’s your Daddy caught a marlin.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle caught a marlin.

Captain Jeremy on the Desperado  caught a sail, a mahi, 4 tuna and went 1 for 6 on striped marlin.

The guys on the Prime Time were romored to have caught 15 marlin in 3 days.

The marlin above is a stripey caught on the Missbehavin with Captain Dave.   The clients picked a great time to fish Costa Rica…2 guys caught 6 marlin, a bunch of sailfish and numerous mahi mahi in 3 days of fishing.

Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009



The best to you and yours in 2009

December 31, 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009


Happy New Year from Costa Rica…

The marlin bite was off the hook again today.  The guys are fishing 30 to 50 miles out and everyone is getting a chance at marlin.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish caught a slam today about 40 miles out…they had a blue marlin, striped marlin, 2sailfish and 6 mahi mahi.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin caught 4 sailfish, 6 mahi mahi and missed 2 blue marlin today…he was 30-35 miles out.

Some of the bigger boats that were 50 miles out got covered up by striped marlin today…there were huge schools of stripes out there and they were feeding like packs of wolves.   A couple boats reported 5 or 6 marlin in the spread at the same time hitting everything that was in the water.

Good riddance 2008.

Hola 2009!