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Los Suenos Signature Billfish Tournament Winner

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Sea Angel nudged out the Dragin Fly with a late afternoon marlin bite to secure their lead and the win of the first leg of the Los Suenos Billfish Series.  Congratulations to ALL!  More on the tournament to come. 

Los Suenos Signature Billfish Tournament 2011

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Los Suenos Signature Billfish Tournament Schedule 2011 – The first leg of the The 8th annual Los Sueños Signature Billfish Series is going on now at Los Sueños Marina in Playa Herradura, Costa Rica. In January and February of this year 43 teams from the United Sates, Nicaragua and Russia will battled it out with six days of exciting bluewater species competition.
The 2011 Billfish Series consists of two tournaments – The tournament dates are January 26-29, 2011 for Leg I and March 2-5, 2011 for Leg II.

Here are some reports we have straight from the captain fishing in the tournament.

Thursday, January 27, 2011  

Tournament Day 1 Report

posted by Capt. George Beckwith of the DRAGIN FLY

Did not get a bite until after lunch, but came on pretty strong. We raised enough fish to be up front, but failed to get bites out of two striped marlin, maybe we can get the baits in front of them tomorrow. Also missed a couple of sails, but made up for it by catching 2 really nice blue marlin and a pair of sails. 1200 points and in a 3-way tie for 3rd. Daniel on the Spanish Fly is right ahead of us with 3 marlin releases, just behind the Adios with 4 marlin releases.

Day 2 report
posted by Capt. George Beckwith of the DRAGIN FLY

James said that we needed a marlin early, ad we got it. Pat did a great job getting the pitch bait to a nice blue first thing in the morning. …… 4 hours later we catch a sail, then missed one sail twice or two sails once. At the buzzer Wayne hooks up with this nice little blue.
Overall, we’re in 2nd place with 2300 points, just behind Daniel on the Spanish Fly with 2500.
Things are pretty tight from there on down……

From Mitch on the SHOTGUN

Pretty slow only 140 fish for 2 days

 From Rich on the 60 Megabyte –

You can see how many fish have been caught and everyone is crying about how slow it is.

Today, I had 18 fish in the spread and only caught 2 sails. Also today, where I was fishing we saw 18 free jumpers.

I’ll send more info when I can.  I can’t keep my eyes open any longer and I hope to be asleep before 7:40 PM

We will get the final results for you today.   Good luck to all the boats!!  Captains, know you were tired but had a little time for us.  Thanks for the reports.

Let’s talk full moon and fishing!

Sunday, January 23rd, 2011

I have been trying to do some research on the effects of full moon and fishing.   Like with most questions, you go to the world wide web, you end up picking the one you like best. Everyone has an opinion, some have studies, some use charts and some by experience.

With saying that, I have received reports for the last two month of excellent fishing in Costa Rica, until the last two full moons, which seemed to have slowed things a little, still catching fish but not as many.

Some say that with the moon full the insects are more likely to be out at night so the little fish feed on them and the big fish feed on them and they’re just not hungry during the day.

One fisherman believes the real secret to the solar/lunar influences on a daily basis was nothing more than knowing when the sun and moon rose and set on a 24 hour basis.

Here is a couple of reports I have received in the last week,

Fishing Report Jan 18th:

FULL MOON EFFECT from our captain on the 33′ and 60′ out of Los Suenos

Released a 250lb Blue at 9:15 AM

Fishing the 10×54 for 4 hours with 5 other boats in the area.  More birds, bait, flying fish, free jumpers than I have seen in the last 2 months.  BUT, no one reported catching any fish.

Saturday, Jan. 22nd

The captain of the 35′ out of Los Suenos caught a 300# blue marlin today and a couple of sails.

Bottom line the way I see it, is you can catch fish anytime, any day, any moon phase if you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right boat and crew, and with a little luck.    So let’s go fishing.


Q & A

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

We have answered several emails with these questions in the last few weeks.  I hope this will help you when making your decision for your trip to Costa Rica and letting us know how we can help you with your vacation.

Where are you located?
We are located in Jaco Beach on the Central Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. We are about 1 hour from the airport in San Jose. The majority of our charter boats and vacation rentals are located in the Los Suenos Resort, Jaco Beach, Hermosa Beach, Quepos & Manuel Antonio area.  We know all the good captains in Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo, Samara, Carillo, Drake Bay, Mata Palo, Puerto Jimenez and Golfito. If you want BIG Tarpon and BIG Snook we fish with the best tarpon captains and fishing lodges in Barra del Colorado, Rio Colorado, Tortugero, Rio Parisima., Rio Frio, Cano Negro, Lake Nicragua and the San Juan River.
What type of services do you offer?
We can help you reserve your transportation, lodging, fishing, canopy tour, ATV tour, crocodile tour and more. We have lived here more than 5  years and know almost all the good things to see and do. We’ll send you to the same places we send our friends and  families to. 

Are you an agent?
We are much more than an agent. We have lived in Costa Rica for 5 years and we do act as an agent for our friends that fish throughout Costa Rica. We use the best guys with the best reputation and our prices are the same they have advertised on their websites. We do get a finders fee from them but it is not always money, sometimes it’s free fishing, sometimes it’s free fish.

What information do you need from me?
To help you with the right choices we need to know some basic information. What part of Costa Rica you want to visit? If you are not sure then just tell us what airport is best for you to fly into and what you want to see and do. How many people in your group? Is it family, couples, group of guys? When you would like to visit Costa Rica and how much time you have? What type of fish do you really want to catch? What do you want to do besides fish? 

Can I share a boat with other anglers?
It is almost impossible to find a shared charter in Costa Rica…we just don’t have enough anglers in CR to make it work. We can put you on our calendar and use our network to try and match you up with other anglers looking to go fishing on the same day but it never seems to work out. Our oceans are usually very calm so most people looking for a share trip end up on a smaller private boat to keep cost down. 

What are the different types of fishing?
Inshore fishing is done from smaller boats usually near shore along the rocks, reefs and river mouths. Live bait and lures work best for roosterfish, snapper, snook, jack, mackerel, barracuda, grouper, sea bass and more. Offshore fishing is done from larger boats usually 3 to 30 miles offshore. Trolling dead baits and lures is the best way to catch sailfish, marlin, dorado, tuna, wahoo and more. Bottom fishing is done from all types of boats usually in 60 to 400 foot of water. Slow trolling live baits on planers and jigging of the bottom are the best way to catch grouper, wahoo, snapper, tuna and more.  

If you would like to see more questions and answers please click on FAQ.

Thank you

Quepos is Hot!

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Mahi Mahi out of Quepos

The 32′ and 36′ out of Quepos is reporting fishing has been fast and furious so far…Great reports coming in. 600 lb Marlin, 400 lb Marlin, lots of Sails… inshore is a little slow right now, but still producing some Roosters and jacks.

As reports come in, I will be posting!!!


Monday, January 17th, 2011

January  15th

What a weekend for Capt. Bill and the 35′ out of Los Suenos.  Saturday could not have started out any better and it wrapped up with Capt. Bill  having two boat records and a Billfish Slam.  What’s a Slam, you start off and catch a 800# Black Marlin,  then you go get a 150# striped, and to finish it off catch 4 sailfish and a 30# dorado, to boot,  all on 30# line. That’s a Billfish Slam!

January 16th

Then on Sunday you finish it off with a boat record catch of a 60# Roosterfish.

Congratulations Capt. Bill and crew!

Eduardo, of the 30′ Express, wants everyone to know of the marlin season is fantastic, the best in years, sailfish are here now, inshore is red hot so this is a really good year and is just beginning.

One of the boats out of Los Suenos is now equipped with an underwater camera to show the fish coming into the boat.  More about this later.

Sorry for the delay in posting reports, more reports we get the better for everyone!!  Boats keep them coming!!