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Just In, this you have to hear!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

We just received this report from Capt. George of the 42′ off of Los Suenos.  And wanted to get this out to you NOW!

That sailfish bite that was way down south has moved within striking distance of the charter boat fleet out of Los Suenos with consistent double digit days of sailfish releases. 

For those lucky ones fishing now, great timing, for those coming down in the next month or so, we’ll try and keep them here for you.

This is what it’s all about!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Ari is one of our customers that went out on Feb. 19th on the 35′ Flybridge.   I would like to thank Ari for his report and say, this is what it is all about!

Hey Martha,

I just wanted to let you know that the charter went great.  We caught 3 sailish and everyone had a great time.  Two of the guys had never been fishing before, but the crew did a fantastic job walking them through the catch.  I just wanted to thank you again for all the help. I’ll be sure to let you know next time we head down there.



A Lot of Action, some news from Lake Arenal, and a little info!

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

I’m going to say all the boats have been so busy reeling all these fish in, that they haven’t had time to get some reports in to me.   But I have a few and want to share them with you. 

The 33′ with Captain Rich reports on:

February 17th – the 33′ did 10 for 12 on the sails

February 16th – the 33′ did 5 for 7 on the sails and lost 1 Dorado

February 16th – the 60′ did 8 for 10 on the sails

Thanks Capt. Rich for keeping me updated!!

From our Capt. Ron in Arenal:
The fishing has been ok but not real good because the water is still high and the temperature is down as well. We have been getting fish every day but none that are big. I think in the next couple of weeks it will get better. Hope all is well.  Thanks Capitan Ron! We will be waiting for the reports on the big ones!

I was asked recently about fishing a full day but with 1/2 offshore and 1/2 inshore.  Capt. Dave was nice enough to give me his take on this type of trip, which I wanted to share with you.  (From Capt. Dave)  They could theoretically do 1/2 and 1/2 by running out and fishing offshore in a.m. and trying to inshore fish on the way back in. Here are some of the concerns. You lose a lot of time running. Also to inshore fish you need live bait and sometimes this can take a while so you aren’t really prepared if you spend a good part of the day offshore. The clients just need to be aware that this could compromise the fishing.

Thanks to everyone that is calling and emailing us for trips.  Hope this information is helpful and we will be keeping you informed as the news comes in!!!


What You Want to Hear!

Monday, February 14th, 2011

From Dale and Candyce in Quepos, just what we want to hear!

Roosters are HOT inshore and offshore caught LOTS of sails. Sails are a little further out right now between 30-40 miles. But overall good fishing.

Thanks for the report, let’s keep them coming!

As I Promised, As The Reports Come In!

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The Captain of the 42′ Custom out of Los Suenos just sent this report in!  Thanks Capt. Great Report!

Fishing out of Los Suenos is showing signs of improvement.  For the past month, bites from medium sized 150-250 pound  blue marlin have saved many days.   Along with the striped marlin, sailfish and scattered black marlin, there have been enough billfish around to give everyone a turn on the rod.   Many boats have averaged landing at least one marlin every day that they have fished for the last two months.

This past week reports started coming in south of Quepos that the sailfish are starting to get thick.   We took the 42′ Custom down to Drake’s Bay for a couple days to check it out.   We ended up with over 50 sails and 5 big tuna, including one over 140 pounds.

Hopefully that sailfish bite will keep heading north and we can get into some consistent double digit days of sailfish.

Over the past two years, the best of the sailfishing hasn’t even begun until well into March with the best fishing in April/May.  Looks like that will be the case this year also!

Sounds like a great season still to come in Costa Rica!!


As The Reports Come In!

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Sunday, Feb.  13th.

The sails and marlin are almost jumping into the boats.   The daily numbers are looking great.  The captains and crew are doing a terrific job and I would like to thank them for showing our clients a great time.

So, what you really want to know, I have a couple of reports coming in and will post as I hear from the other boats:

A couple days ago from the 35′ Cabo, and Capt. Mel, out of Los Suenos:

Yesterday we had a good day raising 10 and releasing 8 sails.

Capt. Mel did hear of a report from a private boat Rusty on the Prime Time down at Drakes Bay
fishin 95 miles from marina, with 38 sails in one day.  We will be checking that out for you!! WOW!

And a inshore report from Capt. Mel:

Today out on the 35 cabo express. they had a group out fishing
inshore, we  caught 10 roosters up to 40lbs, a jack crevalle and a mackeral.
Good start for the reports, thanks again to the Captains that keep me updated.

We’ll keep you posted!

**I am having some phone issues with our 800 number, please be patience, it should be corrected today.

Sorry, It’s Been To Long

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Good Morning,
I need to apologize to all of our faithful readers,  I’ve dropped the ball on the report side.   Been a little busy trying to find boats for all that are asking.   No more excuses, Reports are back and will be done on a regular basics.   Fishing it really hot right now, as the weather and the following reports will show   This is just a taste, I will be talking to more captains in more areas today and get the news out tomorrow.

Thanks for your support.

Here is the latest from Rich 33′ and 60′ out of Los Suenos.

We started on the big crater and moved to the small crater.  We were 5 for 7 on the sails.  The rest of the day was slow but we ended up 7 for 11 all day.  Dennis on a private boat out of Los Suenos went 16 for 25 – great day.

A report a couple days earlier from Captain Rich:

We fished the corner all day (within 1 square mile for 90% of the day).

Our group, 3 guys, wanted to hook all the fish so we had nothing to do with the number of catches BUT the 60 Megabites raised more fish than we have in quite some time.

We released 2 of 12 sails that tried to eat our baits, another 6 sails in the spread that would not bit, they also missed 2 marlin, had a 35-40lb Dorado and they also lost that.

 We did our job – find and raise fish.

Captain George, on the 42′ out of Los Suenos, hear the talk and was off to Drake’s Bay – I will work to get a report on how the trip turned out.  Here is just a little taste from Captain George:

We’re going to Drake Bay for a few days, some incredible reports coming from down there, but we had a good day here yesterday, catching 8 of 11 sails.

This is just the start, again thanks for your support.

Two Successful Trips!

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

Jeremy fished on January 10th and 12th,

Thanks for your help in setting up our fishing trips. Captain and his mate on the 28′ were awesome and the fishing was fantastic. The first day day out, we landed 6 sailfish and a dorado. We also had another sailfish and marlin on, but weren’t able to land them. Day two was a little slow compared to our first day. We missed a sailfish, marlin, and dorado, but were able to bring in three sailfish. Two of those sails came on a double hook up which was really exciting. The Los Suenos resort was spectacular and we couldn’t have asked for a better trip. Hopefully we’ll make it down again soon.  Here are a few pictures from both days including the double hook up picture.

Thanks again!  Jeremy

Alan fished January 14th and 15th

Had a great time and the Captain on the 36′  was the best! My group had a trip of a lifetime.
Thanks for your help.