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May 27th – 29th 2011

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Over the weekend around 10 boats went out to fish. They fished from the corner, the craters and the 26 rock. Around 30 Tuna fish were caught, 4 Dorados, 15 Sailfish, 2 Marlin and 2 Rooster fish.

May 21st – 22nd 2011

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Over the weekend around 10 boats went out fishing. Some went fishing around the 26 Rock 22 miles out and in the corner. Blue water was 16 miles out. Some bottom fishing was done again, caught 7 Red Snappers and 3 Groupers. A lot of Tuna fishes were caught, 4 Dorados, 7 Sailfish, 4 Wahoos, 2 Marlin, 2 Rainbow Runners and 2 Mackerel.

May 20th 2011

Saturday, May 21st, 2011

8 boats went out fishing yesterday. They all caught sailfish (20) three boats caught 5 Marlin and 4 Dorados. 4 Tuna fish were caught as well, they fished from the corner and in the crater about 40miles out. One boat went bottom fishing and caught 3 Rooster fish, 1 Red Snapper and 1 Grouper. Blue water was 20miles out.

May 19th 2011

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Five boats went out yesterday. One boat caught 2 Sailfish, 4 Sailfish and the other 6 Sailfish. Another boat caught 3 Tuna fishes and two boats didn’t catch anything. They fished from the corner and the ocean was calm but windy.

May 17th 2011

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Today we had 2 boats go out fishing. One boat caught 5 sailfish and the other 2 sailfish. There was high waves and the blue water was 24 miles out. They fished from the corner and the craters.

May 16th 2011

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Saturday four boats went out fishing. They all caught Sailfish, 16 in total between them all. Blue water was 15 miles out and the ocean was rough. They fished from the craters.

May 14th 2011

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

8 boats total went out yesterday for a good day of fishing. They all caught at least 1 sailfish, one boat caught even 3 total. 7 Dorados were caught, 1 Marlin and 22 Tuna fish, one boat didn’t catch anything. Some fished from the crater and from the corner, the blue water was 22 miles out. Since rainy season has started we usually have morning through out the day sunshine with some clouds then afternoon gets dark with showers.

May 13th 2011

Friday, May 13th, 2011

It was a good fishing day yesterday. The ocean was calm but later in the afternoon it got rough a bit. 3 boats went out out, one of which went out to the corner 28 miles out, another to the 26 rock and south. The blue water was about 20 miles out. One boat caught 1 sailfish and 4 dorados, another 4 sailfish and then a couple roosters.

May 11th 2011

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Yesterday we had a little bit of rain but the ocean was  calm. It was reported that one of the three charters total that went out had caught 2 Sailfish and 1 Wahoo, another one had caught 1 Sailfish and one came home empty handed. They went 40 miles out south.

May 10th 2011

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Today was a cloudy overcast day.  In general the ocean was calm despite an occasional rouge wave.  There was almost no wind.  It never did rain but the fishing was slow.  We got a report of 2 Dorado just outside the craters.  There were only a few boats out today and 2 were near the craters.  The blue water is about 22 miles out.