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Wednesday, October 29th, 2014

We just had a good report from one of our Capts. just gave me a call and said they had a excellent day , had a double hook up of 2 blues , lost one around 350lbs but got the big boy .. nice 450 blue .. 2/2 on sails .. Come fish with the best ..


Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

Fishing is still going strong here in Jaco’ / Heradurra Central Pacific Costa Rica area , we have boats in the beautiful  Los Suenos marnia and in Heradurra bay

Our Capts. have been fishing these waters of Costa Rica for many years , there very professional as well as the mates .. we have 4 boats out of Los Suenos fishing today,

lot of bites , 2 blue .. 3 sails .. and 8 dorado .. inshore we had one boat going down to Quepos , the boys down there REALLY  know where and how to catch them snook ,  7 really nice snook , the guys kept 5 for dinner and gave the mate’s 2 , very nice of them to share there catch with Capt. and crew ..

While visiting our website , check out the boats we have listed , we work with  boats  all over Costa Rica , if you need lodging while you down on vacation fishing with us we provide that service as well .. we want you to sit back , relax and fish … check out the photo .. yesterday’s catch of the day ..Mahi Mahi out of Quepos


Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Capt. B checked in tonight after a day of fishing about 30 mile out his anglers caught  1  250lb. blue marlin  …  2/3 on sails and 3 dorado .. had a few more bites of dorado but  got away . Beautiful day on the water all had a great time .. there still biting .fishing-3.jpg


Wednesday, October 22nd, 2014

Well , what a week our clients had  , they chartered 2 boats 6 on each  .. 4 days of GREAT fishing out of Los Suenos resort .. group 1 for a total .. had 4 marlin .. 18 sails .. 13 dorado and 2 ( 40 ) lb tuna .. group 2 for a total had 3 marlin 1 was a stripe .. 9 dorado .. 12 sails .. while we had some rain on the days they fished , they asked the Capts to stayed out fishing .. all were very pleased and coming back in Feb and ready to do some more great fishing .


Monday, October 20th, 2014

Another good day on the water , we had a group of 4 go out today , Dan’s wife Carol caught her first fish and it was the first of 4 dorado ,  Tom and Jean caught the next 2 .. Dan had a sail on but spit the hook , then hooked the last dorado of the day . going out again Tuesday .


Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Well our clients had another great day fishing off shore taking out 2 boats , but did get rained out .. but not before Group 1 caught another blue marlin 125 lb and 2 .. 50lb tuna to there surprise .. group 2 caught a strip marlin 150 lbs and 4 dorado .. rain or shine , ya can’t beat fishing .

50 lb Tuna


Monday, October 13th, 2014

Were having a bit of rain this week but didn’t stop our clients from  going out and having  a great day on the water .  We had 2 boats go out yesterday  , one Capt. and his people caught 1 blue marlin , 8 for 10 on sails and 3 dorado .. other boat was 3 for 4 on sails and 2 dorado a few bites on sails … everyone had a great time , caught some dinner for the night and there going out 3 more times this week , just to mention here in Los Suenos , when we catch a bill fish , we respectfully catch N release .. always a great day for fishing ..