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Thursday, November 27th, 2014

Just had a call from Capt. Billy    they went out about 20 miles and caught up with some dorado and sail 4/5 on sails

4/4 on dorado ..


Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Well my buddy Joel went offshore fishing the other day and caught some dinner for the family , 1/2 day of fishing they caught 6 dorado , saw a few jumper out there about 80 yrds away , isn’t that just the case , close enough but far enough away .. a few boats out there landing some marlin and sail but just wasn’t Joels day  .. Joel also does beach fishing a few days a week  and caught a nice big snook .. no matter where you are , there’s fish to be caught . Don’t forget to check out our list of boats we charter out on the right hand side of the page , just click the dark blue and find everything you need to know .

Fish on  11/26/14


Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

11/23/14Well there was no shortage of dorado out there , Tom and John from New York decided to team up with 2 friends Paul and Tim  and went offshore yesterday and enjoyed it more then inshore .. they caught 18 dorado and 1/2 on sails .. there was 2 other boats out there and everyone out there was just reeling them in .  Don’t forget to check out our boat listing on the right hand side of the website , just click on the dark blue and all the info you need is right there at your finger tips .


Wednesday, November 19th, 2014

There’s been a few rough days out there but the fishing is still going strong .. while Capt. Billy had a cple of New Yorkers on his boat that never seen water other then the Hudson river , had a choppy but great day on the water . They were 1/2 on sails and 10 dorado , saw some marlin but wasn’t there day for catching the big boy .. Tom didn’t help by chumming the water but after some  Dramamine and a cold water to wash it down was feeling better , they will be back on the water on Friday . We had some inshore fishing as well with 5 snook and 2 rooster fish just South of Jaco . Reports from a few other boats catching marlin , sail and a 40lb tuna , I can just smell the grill with tuna and dorado .. remember to check out our charter boats on the right hand side of our website.11/19/14


Saturday, November 15th, 2014

Capt Billy went for a 1/2 day with his clients .. went out 6 miles and caught 20 dorado and they said that’s enough for the day , headed out before the rain came .. everybody going fishing this week caught a record amount of dorado .. great day for fishing ..11/14/14


Thursday, November 13th, 2014

11/12/14Well Kate’s surprise to her husband was a 1/2 day of fishing in Costa Rica for there anniversary  , they got on there boat in Heradurra and set out for some good fishing .. they were 2/3 on dorado and caught a nice rooster .. Tommy went out with his crew and were 6/6 on sails , o/1 on blue .. all had a great time .


Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

11/11/14Jon and Mike went out for another 1/2 day inshore in search for rooster fish that they didn’t see yesterday .. they must like fishing South of Jaco’ .. they found there rooster fish , 3/4 on rooster and 5 snook .. Sails and Marlin are still here .. Paul and his buds went out for a full day off shore and were 1\3 on Marlin and 5/7 on Sails .. good day all around .. tomorrow we have Kate and her husband , little fishing trip as an anniversary present from her to him .. we’ll see how they do tomorrow ..


Saturday, November 8th, 2014

11/8/14Just had a few calls from the Capts we work with .. Don and his crew went out 20 for a half/day and 1/2 on Sail .. 15 dorado .. Jon and Mike went for a half/day inshore and got 6 nice snook just South of Jaco’ .. heard them talking about having a snook out at Clarita’s later .. All the Capts I have talked to this week are having killer days  .. Marlin , Sail and Dorado offshore and plenty of snook inshore not much rooster this week but we know there out there .. Please don’t forget we Catch N Release all bill fish in Costa Rica


Friday, November 7th, 2014

We had a few real good fishing reports from Capt Dave .. they went out and hit the Fads about 160 miles out .. 4 boats were out there , Dave’s boat caught 14 blues in a day 1/2 .. between the 4 boats out there was over 40 blue .. little bit further in Greg was 1 blue 6 / 9 sails .. Howie and his friends went at hit a nice honey hole with 22 dorado and 2 grouper .. our best months for fishing are not even here yet and the fish just keep on biting .. don’t forget to check out our website to see the charter boats was have .. coming on vacation , send us an email and let us make your vacation one to talk about .11/6/14


Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

Let me start by answering some questions about fishing down here in Central Pacific Costa Rica , our Captains and mates  are the best in both Marina’s .. Los Suenos ( Heradurra ) and Marina  Pez Vela ( Quepos ). Fishing is getting better as were not to far from season and were still getting Blue Marlins a few stripe Marlin .. dorado is always a favorite catch for dinner .. But let’s not forget what happened here a few months back , an Albino White Marlin .. it was just another day of good fishing .. just getting ready to head in , when they heard that sound they been waiting for .. after a good fight , they seen something that people just talked about and no one seen , until that day .. a White Albino Marlin .. after a few pictures and a video , this beautiful sight was released , so when I say YES , we have the best fishing in Central America ..  the charter boats are being booked since the Los Suenos Triple Crown set all records of Catch N Release last year .. Jan .. Feb and March  .. don’t forget you can see the charter boats we have to offer is on the right side of our website , just click and see the rates , pictures  and info on all the boats .. send us an email and let us make your vacation something to talk about .11/02/14