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Tuesday, December 30th, 2014

Awesome day out there for a small tournament out there between friends , lets just say the winner Big John and his anglers had 32 sails in 1 day,

we had 2 of our boats go out , Capt Will and 1 of his groups had 4 sails and 6 dorado missed a blue and the next day with a different group  caught 8

dorado and 2 sails .. and David and his 3 daughters had a half day had 4 dorado


Sunday, December 21st, 2014


We had 2 boats go out the other day one from Heradurra Bay and one from Marina Pez Vela , we had our 28ft center console go out around 15 miles

with Ken and his 3 daughters and bring in 4 Dorado on a half day .. and the Hollis family of 3 went of of Pez Vela had a great day 6 Sails and 8 Dorados

The Los Suenos Triple Crown 2015  coming up in the last week of Jan – Feb and 2nd week of March best fishing that time of year ..Please check

out our charter boats on the right hand side of our webpage ..  Don’t forget we Catch N Release all Bill fish in Costa Rica

Have a very Merry Christmas and a safe New year .. please don’t drink and drive


Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

Capt. Billy had our clients out on his 35″ ..  Paul and his friends went out Sat and Sunday .. they were  14/19 Sails and 9/12 Dorado , Gene went out with his clients Steve and Chris about 18 miles and Dorado were every where .. they were 22/28 Sails and 14 Dorado . Please check out our charter boats on the right hand side of our webpage .. Remember ALL Bill fish are Catch N Release .



Monday, December 15th, 2014

What a hot couple of days we had  3 boats going out , my close and good friend Tanner got married to Georgia and they took there families fishing

they were on a 52ft caught 11 Sail .. 2 Tuna and 3 Dorado .. Capy Billy on the 35ft boat was 11 Sails 6 Dorado and Capt Chi Chi was 1/3 on Sail and 3/3 for Dorado on a half day only going out 10-15 miles out.



Friday, December 12th, 2014

Just a little news from our friends up Flamingo way , Ol’e Skeeterman ‘s group caught 1 Blue .. 1 Sail and 5 nice Dorado for the BBQ .. closer to Home in the Los Suenos area , Capt Billy caught 16 Sails today 4 Dorado .. down toward Quepos we had some friends doing some Snook fishing , 12 for the 1/2 day , so fishing is still on the high note and season is 1 month away .. please check out our selection of charter boats , see what area you will be in and check the boats out … Remember .. all Bill fish are Catch N Release here in beautiful Costa Rica ..



Monday, December 8th, 2014

We have some updates for the past 3 days , Ol’e Skeeter had a good day up towards Flamingo/Tamarido area .. 1-2 Blue Marlin and caught 3 mahi on a 3/4 day yesterday ..  the winds have died down in the past few days .. closer to home 20 miles offshore from Los Suenos  , Billy had 11 sail and 3 dorado .. Alex had a crew out around the same area , today seventeen Sailfish .. and some inshore fishing as well , half day 6 nice snook for the grill tonight .. Don’t forget to check out our charter boats on the right hand side of our webpage .. just check the area you will be in and see there listings .



Sunday, December 7th, 2014


We had another great day on the water that seems to never end .. Capt Willy gave me a call a little while ago and they had

a group go out about 20 mile and hooked up with 12/15 on Sails and 5 Dorado .. another Capt had 18 sails and 2 Tuna’s the day before

Yesterday for 1/2 day inshore was  6 Snook and 1 rooster ..  Please take a minute and check out our charter boats we have around Costa Rica

we are located on the Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica and we have charter boats in Los Suenos marina and Heradurra bay .. remember all Bill fish are

Catch N Release .


Friday, December 5th, 2014

Clients had a great day on the water Wens , Claire surprised her husband Rick with an early Christmas present .. one full day of offshore fishing with one of our great Capts .. 11 sail fish and 4 dorado .. other report that came in they had 20 sail and 6 dorado .. I’m I can just smell The Los Suenos Triple Crown bill fish tournament .. Jan .. Feb and March .. Just as a reminder .. we Catch N Release all bill fish .. the rest of the catch is on the grill .. Don’t forget to check out our charter boats we have on the right hand side of the page .. Give someone a special present , a fishing trip .



Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

With season just right around the corner and Los Suenos Triple Crown coming up in Jan , Feb and March the bite is still on , we had Capt Tom out with a group of 4 for a full day offshore .. they were 1/2 on sails and 14 dorado , saw some jumpers as they where leaving  .. figures .. just remember .. we catch N release all bill fish 12/2/14