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Monday, June 22nd, 2015

 Tamarindo .. 6 clients went for 3 different days fishing charter:
On day one they had a slow morning, but then they caught fish the rest of the day, tuna, dorado, snapper.

On day two they were feeling a bit beat and came in early, although they also caught some dorado for dinner and lunch the final day.

On the last day they caught a nice roosterfish, some dorado, and, even though they were fishing on the shoreline in shallow water, caught 1 out of about 4 sailfish.

Capt. G and our clients went for 3/7 sail fish close to in shore
6 snook and a rooster .. 2nd day they did some bottom fishing and caught some nice grouper

Flamingo area ..
Capt . Skeet
1 sailfish and 2 mahi on the Bushwacker yesterday. Slow.
We released 6 sailfish and raised 1 marlin today
Nice work Capt Skeet Warren and Crew releasing 6 Sailfish

Los Suenos marina
Capt. Greg P
Well..the blue marlin were smiling on the Amigos today. Unfortunately the fishing was better than the catching. We raised 3 trolling …had 2 bites…hooked both….caught one over 400lbs, pulled the hook on another of the same size. All came to the squid chains. The third was very aggressive but never switched to the bait. Had 2 other bites live baiting… missed one, and pulled the hook on a NICE one. Pretty day at sea. Sweet boat. Pura Vida!

Well there doing all they can for TAG and Release . Georgia Lenard and Tanner took a little fishing trip to relax
and caught some nice snook , Georgia tagged one and released it .. its something that Marina Pez Vela ( Carter ) and Grey Taxidermy
Bill Dobbelear and CR Primo are supporting .. nice pic of Georgie with a Tag and Release .. Happy Fathers day to all



Thursday, June 11th, 2015

We have some good fishing reports from up North towards Papagayo , Tamarindo and Flamingo area , The Presidential Challenge
had a small tournament and lot of marlin being caught .. There small fleet released 20 blue marlin and 17 sailfish during the 2015 competition . Our good buddy and Capt Skeet has been treating his clients very well , 3 lady anglers releasing 2 Blue Marlin, 2 Sailfish, and pulling the hook on a Striped Marlin and catching a Mahi , we had a family of 4 .. Mom and JD took there 2 kids ages 9 and 7 and caught 4 dorado and 1 rooster .. down here in the Los Suenos / Jaco area we had 2 boats go out   5 dorado 1 sail and on the way in towards shore a nice size rooster , our other Capt reported  3 dorado and  3 snapper .. rain holding off in the day time to get some fishing time in ..

We are located in the Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica and some of the boats we chart erare in Los Suenos Marina and Heradurra Bay .. and we are 1 1/2 hrs from the San Jose’ airport .
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