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March 28th , 2016

Monday, March 28th, 2016

Well here’s a little run down on a few boats , some of the boats are out fishing before the Los Suenos Triple Crown 3rd and final leg of this year , if you care to have a live up date on the bill fish tournament in Los Suenos .. Google Los Suenos Triple Crown 2016 .. just remember when seeing these boats catch N release these fish .. they are a fishing team and fish many tournaments .. ok lets get started


Capt Skeet : “42 Foot Convertible”   helping the kids

In Carrillo we fished 4 days with another group. My youngest angler there was 73. They released 25 sails in the 4 days with their
best day being 14 releases. They also caught a yellowfin tuna and a variety of grouper, snapper and tilefish for dinner

Capt. Carlos : 32ft express , 6 hr day of fishing  7 sails ..  day 2 , 5/8 sails

Miss Vickie : 31ft Bertram  4 sails 1 dorado

Los Suenos marina  Capt. Dana Thomas, our crew Erick Mora and Carlos for breaking the boat record releasing 58 sailfish today!!

Laura Jessen :  Caught 113 Sails in our last 3 days of fishing with 2 junior Anglers (11 and 12). They reeled in the majority of the fish and we tagged 64 of them! Caught 51 the 3rd day! Proud of this shot I got. Headed offshore tomorrow for a few days then we have Leg 3. This season has gone by too fast! ‪#‎Puravida‬ ‪#‎lovecostarica‬

Capt. Tom :  March 15th
Half day fishing the deep.
4 tile fish
5 grouper
6 snapper

March 16th – 18 sailfish and a big mahi
March 17th – 13 for 20 sailfish
March 18th – 8 for 12 sailfish
March 20th – 24 for 28 sailfish
March 21st – Half day 12 for 15 sailfish and 2 mahi mahi
March 22 – 14 and 15 year old boys and there father caught 20 sailfish and came home early.
March 26 – 10 sailfish
March 27th – Half day 12 rooster fish

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Google : Los Suenos Triple Crown 2106 to get a up date on the tournemant

March 9th , 2016

Thursday, March 10th, 2016


LOS SUENOS TRIPLE CROWN 2016  January 20th -23rd 2016
Leg 1 of the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown achieved a phenomenal 1,961 billfish
releases with a fish to boat ratio of 45:1 by 44 participating teams.

Leg 2 February 24th – 27th 2016
2,754 billfish released during the Second Leg of the 2016 Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown
by 43 teams 12 years of tournament records shattered! It was an epic three days at
Los Sueños Resort Marina, located at Playa Herradura on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast.
During the second leg of the third annual Los

Leg 3 March 30th – April 2nd  206

Now our locals
Capt. Skeet .. Slow pickins’ in Flamingo. Two sails and a mahi in two days.
Wet A .. Fun family day on the Wet A II. We released three sails but lost a
on the wahoo and another sail. We love young anglers learning how to fish!
Capt. Carlos .. 4 sails and a 35lb Cubera snapper

Los Suenos
Mr. Tanner fishing on the Alpha Brava with Capt. Johan ..  18/23 sails
Capt. Greg 38ft Maverick ..20 tuna
Capt. Chin 31ft center console : day 1  3 sails .. day 2 .. 2 sails both half days
Capt. Fernanda console : day 1 .. 3 sails , day 2 ..30 grouper 1/2 day .. day 3, 4 sails .. day 4,8 sails

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