April 20, 2008


There has been some rain showers in the area and it’s full moon time but it hasn’t seemed to slowed the bite out of the Los Suenos Marina. It’s Sunday night so the reports are slow to come in but early news is good news. Most of the boats are fishing 30-35 miles out, still mainly to the South. Almost everyone is raising double digit Sailfish numbers, there were also a few Tuna reported, some Dorado and some Marlin sightings.

Captain Daniel and the guys on the “Spanish Fly” took some buddies from Jaco out and went 8 for 13 on Sailfish and caught a 40 pound Yellowfin Tuna. They cooked up fresh grilled Tuna with a garlic sauce right on the boat…mmm. This was the trip I was going to go one but Karma bit me in the ass and one of my employees didn’t show up for work so I couldn’t go fishing…that’s for all the times I pulled that crap when I was 18 years old.

Captain Jeremy and the guys on the “R&J” fished about 30 miles out and released 7 Sailfish and raised 2 Marlin.

Captain Dave on the “Missbehavin” went 7 for 10 on Sailfish and bagged a nice Dorado for dinner.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” went 9 for 21 with the same family he took out on Friday. Bill said they were a family of good fisherman. The father said that in his 50 years of fishing all over the world he just had his 2nd and 3rd best fishing days ever. The daughter said she wanted to take Bill and his crew back to Florida with them they were so good.

Captain Kevin was on the “Hoo’s your Daddy” today fishing with his family. They started doing some live bait fishing about 15 miles out…they raised a big Black Marlin but couldn’t get a hook up, they did release 4 Sailfish using “live bait”…after that they ran offshore a bit and caught 4 more Sailfish trolling.

If you have never used “live bait” for Sailfish before try it sometime. The boat is in slow slow troll and your bait is like a top water bait…you have to be really patient setting the circle hook. The bite is usually close to the boat so you get hard runs and a great air show. It’s like bobber fishing for 100 pound crappie that jump all over.


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