April 22, 2008


A couple days after the full moon and the bite is still good out of the Los Suenos Marina. The bite moved out some so the guys are having to run a little farther…about 40 miles yesterday. Everyone is catching fish and it’s been a mixed bag of mainly Sailfish with a few Marlin and Mahi Mahi.

Captain Bill on the “Sailfish” went 8 for 12 with the James B. party fishing 40 miles out. I think they were all Sailfish Virgins…not any more. They are fishing with Bill again on the 24th…go get em boys.

Captain Jeremy took Willis and some friends out offshore…they had a OK day. They released 2 Sailfish but lost 3 more Sails, a big Mahi Mahi and a Marlin. Ifs and buts were candy and nuts.

Captain George on the “Barrilata” went out about 30 miles with Mike and his wife from North Carolina. They caught 2 Sailfish, a “3 foot long” Mahi Mahi and a 300 pound Black Marlin…not bad for some panga guys.  Mike said a 20 inch Grouper was the largest fish he has ever caught.  Mike was very very happy, showing everyone in the hotel lobby his photos…he admitted that Marlin whooped his ass.

Captain Kevin on the “Hoo’s Up” released 7 Sailfish lost a nice Mahi Mahi and raised a little Blue or Striped Marlin.


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