Let me start by answering some questions about fishing down here in Central Pacific Costa Rica , our Captains and mates  are the best in both Marina’s .. Los Suenos ( Heradurra ) and Marina  Pez Vela ( Quepos ). Fishing is getting better as were not to far from season and were still getting Blue Marlins a few stripe Marlin .. dorado is always a favorite catch for dinner .. But let’s not forget what happened here a few months back , an Albino White Marlin .. it was just another day of good fishing .. just getting ready to head in , when they heard that sound they been waiting for .. after a good fight , they seen something that people just talked about and no one seen , until that day .. a White Albino Marlin .. after a few pictures and a video , this beautiful sight was released , so when I say YES , we have the best fishing in Central America ..  the charter boats are being booked since the Los Suenos Triple Crown set all records of Catch N Release last year .. Jan .. Feb and March  .. don’t forget you can see the charter boats we have to offer is on the right side of our website , just click and see the rates , pictures  and info on all the boats .. send us an email and let us make your vacation something to talk about .11/02/14

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