There’s been a few rough days out there but the fishing is still going strong .. while Capt. Billy had a cple of New Yorkers on his boat that never seen water other then the Hudson river , had a choppy but great day on the water . They were 1/2 on sails and 10 dorado , saw some marlin but wasn’t there day for catching the big boy .. Tom didn’t help by chumming the water but after someĀ  Dramamine and a cold water to wash it down was feeling better , they will be back on the water on Friday . We had some inshore fishing as well with 5 snook and 2 rooster fish just South of Jaco . Reports from a few other boats catching marlin , sail and a 40lb tuna , I can just smell the grill with tuna and dorado .. remember to check out our charter boats on the right hand side of our website.11/19/14

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