As we kick in high season the fish are being accommodating .. with reports from some boats out this week , we can start off by saying the sails are off the chart

John and his crew 15/20 on sails 6 dorado  Wens , 10/12 sails 4 dorado and 1 blue on Thurs full days .. 6 sails Fri half day .

Capt Bill went out for 3 full days  days and the count was 35 sail 12 dorado  .. AH  had a good day ..  5-15 sails today and 6 for 7 sails and a dorado on

half day .. Joel went on a 26 ft with a few friends from Fla .. did some snook fishing and caught 10/12 and 3 rooster .. Chris took his clients out went for 2

full days off shore 15 sail , 1 strip and 1 blue and last but not forgotten  .. Mark went beach fishing after being rigged up at CR Primo and caught himself

2 nice fighting snook .. nice combo set up for $180.00 .. Don’t forget to check out the charter boats we off , just click on the dark blue and get a pic , price

and info on the boat you choose .. we have charters in many parts of Costa Rica .. Jan  21st – 24th is the Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament

the 1st of 3 legs  .. Google Los Suenos Triple Crown 2015 .. keep up with the tourney .. Don’t forget all bill fish in Costa Rica are Catch N Release .

A bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work .

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