Well fishing has not slowed since our last report but just getting stronger as we head into February , as I told you last time Los Suenos had there 1 leg of the triple crown with over 2100 bill fish .. CATCH N RELEASE .. they also broke a world record for having 55 bill fish per boat with 39 boats .. we had ourselves 4 boats go out this week and not too shabby .. Capt. Ron and his clients caught 1 stripe Marlin , 19 Sails and 2 Dorado .. Capt Chaz took in 1Blue Marlin 15 Sails , 4 Dorado , Capt. Johnny C had a half day with his friends down from New York with 3 Sails .. Capt Josh had his clients for in shore fishing with 7 snook and 2 big ass Roosters ..  This month of Feb  25th – 28th .. Los Suenos has there 2nd leg of their Triple Crown going in with 39 boats .. if you want to keep up with the tournament go to Google and then Los Suenos Triple crown 2015 , gives you all the up dates .. don’t forget to check out our charter boats we offer you on the right hand side of our webpage .. just see where the boats are and click the dark blue and a picture , price and info on our boats .1/29/15

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