You think Super bowl Sunday would slow them down , but no .. we had 3 boats go out on Sunday , John was 19/27 on sails .. 0/1 on Blue and 2 dorado ..Pete was in the same area and did 14/17 on Sail , Steve from Fla couldn’t believe the Sails here as they were 15/22 .. today we had a 28ft center console go out and were 4/7 on Sale .. Next week starting Feb 25th – 28th we have the 2nd leg of the Triple crown , lines out at 8am .. lines out at 4pm  .. 1st leg we had over 2100 Bill fish  ( Catch N Release ) with 39 boats .. which was a world record with an average of 55 Bill fish per boat .. to follow the tournament Google Los Suenos triple crown 2015 .. also don’t forget to check out our boats we charter in Costa Rica .. look to see where you will be staying and click on the dark blue and see a picture , price and info on the boat . 


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