Another great week of fishing on the  Southern Pacific side of Costa Rica , we had one of our fleets go out the other day and with 4 boats

they caught 64 sails .. we had our Capt. Bill on his  Flybridge  35 ft with 8 sails .. 1 50lb dorado and 3 tuna about 35-40 miles out

We had Steve out on his Express 33 ft , 12 sales missed a nice blue Marlin , and Capt C went out in his 28ft center console and had 4 sales , he caught a

blue Marlin last week .. we have the Los Suenos Triple Crown leg 2 .. 25th – 28th .. registration on the 25th and fishing 3 day with 39 boats .. Jan leg1 was

over 2100 bill fish where Caught N Released .. world record for having 55 bill fish per boat with 39 boats .. Google Los Suenos 2015 and get the up dates

on the tournament .. don’t forget to check our boats we charter on the right hand side of our website .. click on the dark twice and you will see a picture

the price and info on our boats  2/18/2015

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