The two coastlines of Costa Rica are blessed with abundant marine life, excellent weather, and
very nice people who are eager to teach newcomers to the world of deep sea fishing the wonders of going offshore. First-timers who want to learn more about deep sea fishing should plan a trip to Costa Rica for the purpose of becoming acquainted with this recreational activity. To this effect, the following press release from NewsUSA has features some good advice:

(NewsUSA) – For a truly unique vacation experience, try deep sea fishing in one of the world’s best areas for the sport — Costa Rica.

Costa Rica offers one of the healthiest fisheries in the world, where 20-fish days are not uncommon, and fish simply don’t come in small sizes. Los Sueños Marina, which is home to an extensive charter fleet certified by the Costa Rican Ministry of Tourism, reports that dorado average 40 pounds, and yellowfin tuna often push past the 300-pound mark. Other fish, including wahoo, roosterfish and snapper, as well as sailfish and marlin, also call the coast of Costa Rica home.

The good fishing might explain Costa Rica’s ranking as one of the happiest places on earth. Vacations and sportfishing at Los Sueños Resort and Marina can be accommodated by CRFR (Costa Rica Fishing Report), a tourism group that has 8 years planning fishing charters with boats ranging from 26 feet to 65 feet. Want in on the action? Costa Rica Fishing Report offers the following tips for first-timers:

Look for an experienced deep sea fishing charter. A qualified deep sea fishing boat will take you to the best fishing spots and provide the correct bait for the fish that you want to catch. Fishing licenses are required each year and do not cost much.
All good boats practice catch and release on all bill fish to ensure good fishing to the future generations. There are restaurants that will cook your catch when you bring in Mahi Mahi or Tuna. There are also chefs who will cook your catch in the privacy of your accommodation.
Guard against seasickness. Even if you’re fishing in Costa Rica, which is known for its gentle, smooth waters, you might get disoriented on the boat. If you get sick, stay above deck and concentrate on the horizon line. Avoid strong smells, like that of the bait, until the nausea passes. Taking motion sickness medication ( benadryl ) before you board can help you avoid the issue altogether.
Come prepared. Bring sunglasses and a hat or visor. Be sure to drink plenty of water while on the boat. Don’t forget sunscreen; even if you stay in the shade, the glare off the water can give you sunburn. And don’t forget to bring your camera. After all, you’ll want photographic proof of your big catch!

Costa Rica Fishing Report 8835-3334 in Costa Rica 1-800-9SAILFISH in the USA
or 1-800-506-9694
Let the phone ring 10 times. We are there. It’s takes a few rings to make it to Costa Rica.


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