Jan 30th , 2016

The month of Jan started off a new and great season , as some of you know we had the Los Suenos Triple crown bill fish tournament

Check out the Press Release for Leg 1 of the Los Sueños Signature Triple Crown, presented by Chantilly Air! Follow the link and click on 2016 Leg 1: 1,961 releases.

Starting up North in Tamarindo/Flamingo

Capt. Carlos.. As for the fishing, I have been fishing the past 2 weeks now and it has been pretty good out here, water temperature is good (82F-85F) water is nice and blue and lost of bait around ( mostly flying fish and squids), average raised sails a per day are in the 6-10, but I have gad days off over 20 raised sails per day, we have also been catching some blue marlin, in the past 2 weeks  we have been able to released 3 blues in the 300 pound range and have raised over 8, we also landed a dorado on sunday and a couple wahoos the past weeks, haven’t found any yellowfin tuna lately but who knows, as you know things can turn over night.
Capt. Skeet .. Jan 22nd George told me that he wanted to go marlin fishing so we did. We caught 2 blue marlin, a 48# wahoo, a nice tuna and reeled the lures and teasers away from 6 sailfish that were bothering us. Out again tomorrow.
Jan 23rd , I tried to get George back out to where he caught 2 marlin yesterday but the winds were very persistent all day long.
Jan 28th , Yesterday on the Bush we released 6 sailfish, in calm water for a nice change

Jaco/Los Suenos / Herradura

We had a few boats go out the other day out of Los Suenos

Capt. Johnny ..  12/15 sails
Capt. Paul .. 8/11 sails
Capt. Manny .. 12 grouper bottom fishing .. 2 sails trolling
Capt.Chino .. 1st day , 9 sails .. 2nd day , 12 sails
Scatterbrain went 25/38 only 22 miles 2 days ago , right out front before the corner.
Capt.Mitch 14/17 sails

Marina Pez Vela Quepos

Felipe .. 7/8 sails .. 4 jacks
Skip .. 1st day , 7/10 sail .. day 2 , 6/6 sails , day 3 , 9/11 sails missed a blue
Capt. Roy .. inshore snook fishing . 1st day 6 snook , 2nd day 8 snook , 4 snapper
Steve .. 1st day 8/10 sails 2nd day 6/9 sails

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Los Suenos Triple Crown Bill Fish Tournament ..  January 20-23, 2016 // February 24-27, 2016 // March 30-April 2, 2016

33ft Contender … 5 max
$1350.00 fullday
$ 950.00 halfday
fighting chair,Shimano reels .. twin 4 stroke 250 Yamahas

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