March 28th , 2016

Well here’s a little run down on a few boats , some of the boats are out fishing before the Los Suenos Triple Crown 3rd and final leg of this year , if you care to have a live up date on the bill fish tournament in Los Suenos .. Google Los Suenos Triple Crown 2016 .. just remember when seeing these boats catch N release these fish .. they are a fishing team and fish many tournaments .. ok lets get started


Capt Skeet : “42 Foot Convertible”   helping the kids

In Carrillo we fished 4 days with another group. My youngest angler there was 73. They released 25 sails in the 4 days with their
best day being 14 releases. They also caught a yellowfin tuna and a variety of grouper, snapper and tilefish for dinner

Capt. Carlos : 32ft express , 6 hr day of fishing  7 sails ..  day 2 , 5/8 sails

Miss Vickie : 31ft Bertram  4 sails 1 dorado

Los Suenos marina  Capt. Dana Thomas, our crew Erick Mora and Carlos for breaking the boat record releasing 58 sailfish today!!

Laura Jessen :  Caught 113 Sails in our last 3 days of fishing with 2 junior Anglers (11 and 12). They reeled in the majority of the fish and we tagged 64 of them! Caught 51 the 3rd day! Proud of this shot I got. Headed offshore tomorrow for a few days then we have Leg 3. This season has gone by too fast! ‪#‎Puravida‬ ‪#‎lovecostarica‬

Capt. Tom :  March 15th
Half day fishing the deep.
4 tile fish
5 grouper
6 snapper

March 16th – 18 sailfish and a big mahi
March 17th – 13 for 20 sailfish
March 18th – 8 for 12 sailfish
March 20th – 24 for 28 sailfish
March 21st – Half day 12 for 15 sailfish and 2 mahi mahi
March 22 – 14 and 15 year old boys and there father caught 20 sailfish and came home early.
March 26 – 10 sailfish
March 27th – Half day 12 rooster fish

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Google : Los Suenos Triple Crown 2106 to get a up date on the tournemant

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