September 7, 2009


The fishing the past few days in the Los Suenos marina has been better…the weather has cleared up and the rain has slowed down. There are a few boats going offshore and they are catching some mahi mahi and some sailfish. The boats going inshore are still doing good with roosterfish and jack.

I went out fishing with some friends yesterday with Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle for a day of meat fishing. We hit a couple deep drop spots 10-15 miles south of Los Suenos and crushed it. We caught 20 groupers and 10 snappers all in the 10-30 pound range. We fished in water 200-400 foot deep with squid and butterfly jigs.

The fishing was incredible but my arms are a little sore today from all that reeling…I guess I’m getting old because I used to laugh at the thought of an electric reel…not any more.

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