October 16, 2008



The fishing out of the Los Suenos marina the first week of October was decent.  The weather was nice and the mahi mahi and sailfish were biting.  The fishing the second week of October was basically a wash out.  There was a tropical storm in northern Central America and it dumped heavy rain on most of Costa Rica for 4 or 5 days.  There were a couple boats that went out in the rain and they caught good numbers of mahi mahi.  Today the sun is shining for the first time in a week and it’s a wonderful thing…hopefully the heaviest of rains are behind us.

My buddies and I went out on the Sailfish with Captain Bill.  We fished the craters and the water was chocolate brown.  We did raise a couple sailfish and we caught 2 nice mahi mahi….with one fish well over 50 pounds.

Captain Jorge on the J-Barrilete took a couple fly fisherman out for some dorado fishing.  They ended the day with 7 nice dorado in the 25-35 pound range including 2 nice ones on the fly rod.

Captain RJ on the Predator took a couple guys out for a full day offshore.  They found a good current line and ended the day with 8 nice mahi mahi in the 30 pound range…they also raised a couple sailfish but no hook ups.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin went out for a full day in the rain and caught 7 mahi mahi in the 30 pound range.   The anglers were hooting and hollering because they caught some good eating fish and said it was one of their best days ever.

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