November 2, 2008



The fishing in Costa Rica the past week has been better. The weather has been good with nice days and some evening showers. This has allowed the water to clear up a little and has made for some good mahi mahi fishing. Everyone that is going out is catching between 5-15 mahi mahi per day…all in the 20-30 pound range.

Captain RJ went for a half day recently and caught 15 nice mahi mahi. The clients kept of few of the bigger ones and had the local restaurant near their hotel cook it all up fried and grilled with all the Costa Rica side dishes.

Captain Dana took a Ukrainian gentleman out for a day of fishing in the Hoo’s Up. The client had caught fish all over the world…he fished Jamaica, Bahamas, Mexico, Florida and more but he never caught a sailfish or marlin. He kept saying he wanted a big fish in his very broken English. Captain Dana took him out 26 miles and fished the corner hoping to get a sailfish. They caught a dozen mahi mahi but the guy wanted “big feesh”…the client told Dana if he caught him a marlin he would pay him $500. Dana laughed and said he would catch him a marlin for free if he could…the bite lately has been for mahi mahi and not many marlin have been caught. Dana heard on his radio about a boat that missed a couple marlin so he headed in that direction. About an hour later the Ukrainian guy got his wish and they hooked up a nice blue marlin. The guy battled his fish and it was safely released. The client was very happy and had no problem following through on his $500 promise.

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