November 18, 2008





The fishing out of Los Suenos Marina today was off the hook. There were a dozen boats offshore hoping to be part of the hot marlin bite that has been going on the past couple weeks. Everyone I talked to caught fish and almost everyone got a chance at a marlin.

I went out with the guys on the Dragin Fly with some friends from Dallas. captain James and the crew did not disappoint. We fished about 30 miles out and it was a glorious day. the weather was perfect, the seas were calm and we ended the day with 9 sailfish, 7 mahi mahi and one blue marlin in the 250 pound range. The folks from Dallas were all billfish virgins…not anymore. I have reeled in a bunch of sailfish so I took photos while the rookies got their fill on sailfish. My goal was to catch a mahi mahi on a hand line. The captain found a long line bouy that was loaded with mahi. I pitched my ballyhoo with circle hook back on my handline and hooked up a 35 pound mahi….it took about 10 minutes to land to fish. We made a second pass on the bouy and I hooked up another mahi about the same size. Catching those fish by hand was a blast…I may never use a rod and reel again.

Captain Brandon on the fish Whistle took a group offshore…they ended the day going 4 for 8 on sailfish with 8 big mahi mahi. He has the same group today and my guess is they’ll get a marlin.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish went 6 for 8 on sailfish and caught 10 nice mahi mahi.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin got himself a grand slam with one blue marlin, one black marlin, a couple sailfish and a few mahi mahi.

I heard a rumor that the guys on the Prime Time went 3 for 5 on blue marlin…I am hoping to verify that catch today.

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