December 12, 2008

The charter dock at Los Suenos has been a little slow the past week.  These are the last slow days we will have until the holiday crowds start to show up around the 18th of December.  The boats that are going out are still having some luck.

Captain Jeremy on the R&J took a group offshore yesterday and they caught 4 sailfish and a bunch of mahi mahi.

Captain RJ fished on the Fish Whistle out by the craters and raised 3 striped marlin and 2 blue marlin…they released a nice 300 pound blue marlin and 3 sailfish.  RJ said one of the marlin was well over 500 pounds.

Please remember that if you reserve a boat you reserve a boat.  We have had several last minute cancellations lately even after the clients went out and had a great day of fishing.  When you cancel at the last minute you loose your deposit but that’s not the point.  Chances are the boat could have been booked with paying customers.  When you cancel at the last minute you are costing the captain and crew money they need to make a living…and that’s not right.


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