December 31, 2008


Happy New Year from Costa Rica…

The marlin bite was off the hook again today.  The guys are fishing 30 to 50 miles out and everyone is getting a chance at marlin.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish caught a slam today about 40 miles out…they had a blue marlin, striped marlin, 2sailfish and 6 mahi mahi.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin caught 4 sailfish, 6 mahi mahi and missed 2 blue marlin today…he was 30-35 miles out.

Some of the bigger boats that were 50 miles out got covered up by striped marlin today…there were huge schools of stripes out there and they were feeding like packs of wolves.   A couple boats reported 5 or 6 marlin in the spread at the same time hitting everything that was in the water.

Good riddance 2008.

Hola 2009!

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