January 9, 2009



The fishing out of Los Suenos the past few days has slowed down a little…not sure if it’s because of the full moon or just the a normal pattern.  All the boats are still catching fish…just not as hot and heavy as a few weeks ago.  The guys going offshore have been averaging 2 or 3 sails and 2 or 3 mahi mahi…a couple boats also caught marlin.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin caught a big wahoo and a 400 pound black marlin a couple days ago.

Captain Bill on the Sailfish went 3 for 3 on sailfish and caught 3 mahi mahi fishing 30 miles offshore.

Captain Jeremy  on the R&J went offshore the day of our big eartquake and caught 3 or 4 nice mahi mahi…everyone seemed to struggle that day…some think the fish knew the earthquake was coming.

I went out with some friends today on the Fish Whistle with Brandon for some bottom fishing.  We ended the day with 8 grouper in the 10-40 pound range.  I was fortunate enough to catch a 90 plus pound broomtail grouper.  I’m 6 ft 3 so he was at least 5 ft long and about gave me a hernia trying to take the photo above.  The hawg hit a live blue runner that I dropped down at one of Brandons hot spots 15 miles offshore in about 160 ft of water.  I must be getting old because that big boy wore me out.

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