January 20, 2009

The fishing out of the Los Suenos Marina the past few days hasn’t changed much.  There are still lots of sailfish out there…boats are seeing dozens and dozens of fish but they are still being picky eaters.  Most boats seem to be catching 2 or 3 sailfish and a couple of mahi mahi.  A couple boats found tuna in the 30-40 pound range the other day and several boats have raised blue and black marlin in the past couple days.

The fish are out there we just need them to turn on…the big Los Suenos fishing tournament starts on Thursday and everyone wants good sailfish and marlin numbers for that.

Captain Dave on the Missbehavin took a couple out for a couple days offshore..the first day they released 4 sails and kept a couple big mahi mahi.  The second day they released 2 sailfish and caught a couple mahi mahi…they also raised a big blue marlin.

Captain Brandon on the Fish Whistle was at the “26” rock and they saw a school of skipjack…they trolled through the school with spoons and picked up a couple live baits to use near the rock.  Brandons mate told Brandon he thought he saw a big shadow under the water…a couple minutes later a black marlin in the 400 pound range was crashing through the school of skipjacks.  Brandon said they fish washalf way out of the water several times feeding on the skippys less than 50 yards away.  They put out their live baits and trolled toward the bait ball and the big marlin came up on the shotgun… boiled the water and left a big hole behind the boat.  The marlin didn’t take the bait.  A few minutes later he was shadowing the live bait on the outrigger. the marlin followed the bait for 4 or 5 minutes and then disappeared.



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