Billfish tournament starts with hot marlin bite

Todays unofficial final count was 166 marlin and 97 sailfish.  The leading boat is Let it Ride and they have 18 MARLIN on day 1!

The fishing stopped at 4:00 pm and the fish count was over 250.  I think everyone is surprised by the large number of marlin caught today.  I am waiting to hear some final numbers for day one but I’ll bet 75% of the fish caught were marlin.  It was an amazing day 1 at the Los Suenos Signature Billfish series.  It almost made me sick sitting at home listening on the radio.  It was like February in Nebraska and watching fishing shows on television…just jealous.

This is the 2:00 pm update…the marlin bite continues…they are 210 fish total with about 70% being marlin.  There have been lots of double, triple and quadruple hook ups.

Noon update for the tournament…Let it Ride is in the lead with 11 marlin…11 marlin before noon!  the fish count is at 145 fish with more marlin than sailfish.  The striped marlin and blue marlin bite is off the hook.

Today is day one of the Los Suenos Signature Billfish series and the marlin fishing has been red hot.  It’s now 10;34 am and there have been 85 fish caught with almost half of them marlin.  One boat has already caught 8 marlin…at 500 points each, thats a money day.

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