Day 2 Costa Rica Fishing Tournament

The big talk last night was the amazing marlin bite on the first day of the Los Suenos Signature Billfish series.  The leader released 18 marlin…there were 166 marlin and 97 sailfish released by the 45 boats.  Those are some amazing marlin numbers for anywhere in the world.  When the marlin numbers are like that you expect them to all be striped marlin since they run in packs…but I heard there were a lot of blue marlin caught yesterday.

Will day 2 be a repeat of day 1?…we all hope.

It’s 8:45 am on day 2 and they are at #289 on the total fish count.  The Clean Sweep has a triple header on and the Lady Columbo has a double marlin bite on.

It’s almost 10 am and the radio is little quite compared to yesterday but yesterday was an unbelievable day.  Currently the Dragin Fly has a triple marlin bite on and the Spanish Fly has a double marlin bite on.  My buddy Brandon just released fish #311 at 9:57 am.

The 10 am  overall standings are in and Let it Ride is in the lead with 9000 points…there are 6 or 7 boats in the 4500 to 6500 point range…so a big day of marlin by one of those boats could get them caught up with the leaders.

The Clean Sweep is leading with fish today…they have 4 marlin.  the Clean Sweep won the 1st leg of this fishing tourney in January and they sound like they are in the marlin early and often.

By the 2 pm report it is anyone’s tournament.   D Flawless has 2500 points today to pull up almost even with the leading boat Let it Ride.  Let it Ride is still in the lead with 9500 but are struggling today with only 500 points.   D Flawless is in 2nd place with 9000 points and the Spanish Fly is in 3rd with 6300 points and a triple header marlin bite on right now.

The fish totals right now at 2:15 pm is 383 fish total.  Today they have caught 91 marlin and 24 sailfish.

It’s 4:00 pm just about lines out of the water time for day 2 of the billfish tourney in Costa Rica.   Although there were less fish caught than yesterday it was still a very good day offshore.

The Let it Ride is still in the lead with 9600 points.  9000 points on day 1 and 600 points on day 2…that proves that everyone has good days and bad days out there.  The D Flawless is in 2nd place with 9000 points, the Clean Sweep has moved up to 3rd with 6700 points and the Spanish Fly is in 4th with 6300 points.

There has been 421 fish released so far in 2 days of fishing.

Tomorrow is the final day and the big money day and it’s still anyone’s contest to win.

Day 2 saw 120 marlin released and 36 sailfish released.

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