Costa Rica Fishing Tournament final day

Unfortunately I was in San Jose all day so I just got back and turned the radio on.

At the end of yesterday there was 6 or 7 boats within striking distance of the Let it Ride that opened up the tourney with 18 marlin on day 1 but then just had 1 marlin and 1 sailfish on day 2 allowing the pack to catch up.

At 3:15 pm the overall fish count was 553.  I will update the leader board asap.

The last I heard Let it Ride caught 2 marlin today and that looks like it may have been enough to get the win.  D Flawless is still in 2nd place, Game On is in 3rd place and Clean Sweep is in 4th.

Unofficial results Let it Ride is the winner, D Flawless in 2nd and Game on took 3rd….congratulations.

I will update the final fish count when available.

There were 44 boats and in 3 days they caught 563 fish.

The big story is there was 391 marlin caught and 172 sailfish.

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