July 16, 2009 – inshore and bottom fishing

The past couple weeks on the central Pacific coast has been hit or miss.  The boats going offshore are releasing 1 or 2 sailfish and maybe a couple small mahi or tuna mixed in.  The majority of the boats going out of Quepos and Los Suenos seem to be focusing on inshore and bottom fishing.  We fished the “26” rock several times in the past week and there are usually more than a dozen charter boats working the area.

The fishing at the “26” is still producing despite the high pressure…everyone still seems to be picking up a handful of fish…usually wahoo, mahi mahi, small tuna or jack.

The boats going after roosterfish have been doing pretty good…most boats are catching a few nice fish on half day trips…if they have live bait.

Most of the private boat captains I have talked to seem to be doing maintenance and repairs on the boats and waiting for some schools of tuna to show up.

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