August 10, 2009 – back to work








I needed an extra day to recover from my Caribbean vacation to Old Providence Island, Colombia.  I could easily have stayed another week or three on the island but it is good to be home and almost back to work.

My trip was a lot of fun.  I fished everyday, rented a motorcycle for the week, ate a bunch of great seafood, snorkeled, read a couple good books, lost some money playing Dominoes with the locals.  I also went to an island festival with sailboat races, horse races, palm tree climbing contest, pretty girls, local food, cold beers and shots of whiskey.

The fishing was good.  The winds blew pretty hard all week so the seas were big.  Being in a 14 ft boat in 15 ft swell is not for everyone.  We caught some small tuna offshore but it hardley seemed worth the effort.  We spent most of our time anchored up and fishing the bottom for a variety of fish including, snapper, shark, barracuda, margarita, yellowtail, oldwife, butterfish and my favorite fish…”the grunt”.

Grunts are about a pound or two and put up a great fight on light tackle.  We used cut bait and fished in 25 to 50 ft of water and caught dozens of grunts everyday.  Grunt fishing is kin to perch fishing…you catch dozens of fish, drink lots of beer and have a great time.

This is a fast and cheap trip for people who live in Costa Rica so my main goal was to explore the fishing on the island.  I took some photo’s of my target species and I talked to a bunch of the local fisherman about weather, seasons and species.

They do have bonefish on the island…most are in the protected east side of the island near the mangroves but there are some bonefish on the backside of the island in Southwest Bay and Freshwater Bay.  I found out about the bonefish late in my trip so I only fished for them one afternoon.  I did see a couple bonefish finning about 20 yards offshore…I chased them up and down the beach and was only able to get a few cast at them.  I did not catch one but I am sure they are there.

They also have some snook and tarpon on the island.  I talked to a spear fisherman and was a little skeptical when he told me they have snook and tarpon.  He then said the only time they see them is when there are heavy rains coming out of the river mouth into the ocean.  I knew he was telling the truth because that’s what snook and tarpon do in Costa Rica.

They have marlin and some big tuna in the area.  None of the locals fish for them and they don’t hook them very often but every once in a while someone hooks a marlin or big tuna offshore.   The local fisherman use only hand lines and small boats so they are no match for a marlin or big tuna.  The guys that hook these big fish usually lose all their tackle.

The also have wahoo in the area but they call them longmouth kingfish.  They do catch regular kingfish and the occasional wahoo as well.

I’ll have a Costa Rica fishing report for everyone by tomorrow afternoon.

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