September 11, 2009 – sea sick and fishing in Costa Rica


We went down to the “26” rock today for some trolling and bottom fishing for wahoo, snapper, yellowfin tuna and maybe some mahi mahi.  The rock is about 18 miles from the marina.

We slowed down about a 1/4 mile from the rock so we could get our spread out.  We had been trolling about 10 minutes when my buddy got sea sick.

He was white as a ghost and had a serious case of rubber legs.  The best color to describe him was probably sea foam green.

We turned the boat around and headed back to the marina.  By the time we got close to home he was feeling better so we stopped by some inshore rocks, caught a couple live bait and tried our luck.  We had one good roosterfish bite that pulled the hook.  We fished about an hour and then the rains came…so we headed home.

I always recommend that people take precautions against sea sickness even if you have never been sea sick and even if the ocean is calm..   I almost always take Dramamine the night before I go fishing…maybe it’s a mental thing but better safe than sorry.

Being sea sick is no fun and it can ruin a good day on the water…especially if you are the one that is sick.

A few other personal hints…don’t eat a big breakfast but make sure you eat something.  Water is best to drink in the morning…orange juice and sodas before a 25 mile boat ride can cause stomach problems.

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