September 13, 2009 – inshore and bottom fish Costa Rica

The one day of heavy rains has left the inshore waters around the Los Suenos Marina a dirty brown.  It will probably take a few days of regular weather before things get back to normal.   The brown water can make it difficult to find live bait and without live bait it can be difficult to find the roosterfish.

My buddy on the 28′ Carolina Classic did some inshore and bottom fishing despite the brown water.  They fished a couple spots close to Jaco Beach and had one roosterfish bite.  They did some bottom fishing and caught a grouper in the 10 to 15 pound range.  They ran over to a spot called Negrita’s across the bay.  Negrita’s is a local hotspot for inshore fishing…usually for big roosterfish.  The captain said even though the water was brown there was still plenty of bait around.  They ended the day with almost a dozen jack crevalle in the 20 to 40 pound range.

Jack crevalle  are really no good to eat…but they are hard fighters and lots of fun to catch.  One of my best days was in my kayak when I caught a half dozen jack in the 10 to 20 pound range.  A 5 pounder can pull a kayak 100 yards…someday I would like to get one of those 40 pounders on the line.

Not many boats went offshore today but that may change if they heard the same reports I did.  The guys on the 32′ Maverick went out and released more than a dozen sailfish.  I am hoping for a similar report for today’s fishing so we can head out there tomorrow and get in on some good offshore fishing.

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