September 16, 2009 – Marlin fishing in Costa Rica


What a difference a day makes…yesterday my buddies and I went out and caught 10 sailfish and 1 dorado.  Today we went out and caught just 1 fish…but it was a 300 pound blue marlin.

We got an early start and fished the same spot as yesterday.  The ocean was calm but there was no sailfish.  About an hour in we trolled past a log and hooked up a 20 plus pound dorado. He swam right to the boat and spit the bait out.

We saw another boat working some spinner dolphins for yellowfin tuna, so we joined in.  We worked the dolphin pack for an hour but never had a tuna bite.  There must have been 300 plus spinner dolphin in the pack.  We saw a couple 50 pound tuna and a couple 100 pound tuna crashing baits but they were not interested in our cedar plugs and Hawaiian eyes with ballyhoo.  Live bait would be best but we didn’t have any.  I didn’t see any boat catch a tuna.

We tired of chasing the spinners without getting any tuna so we stated to troll back toward the outer crater.  We had been trolling about 30 minutes when the 300 pound blue marlin crashed our spread.  He came up on our brand new Pakula teaser.

Most billfish make an big initial run…this marlin didn’t.  He was less than 100 yards from the boat the whole time.  He would go deep for 5 minutes and then come rushing for the surface…then he would greyhound a bit and then go deep again.  This went on for 45 minutes.  I was using a TLD 20 with 30 pound line so I could not put too much pressure on him.  I finally got him to the boat, thanks to some good driving by my buddy RJ, and we got a safe release.  I must admit that fish kicked my butt.  He was so fast and never showed signs of being tired…I can’t say the same.

Before the marlin the ocean was beautiful…within 10 minutes of having that fish on the waves picked up and the rain started to move in.

When the rains came they came hard and it was dumping cats and dogs out there.  After the marlin release we pulled everything in and made for home.   It was a long, bumpy, wet drive home but a 300 pound blue marlin made it all worth it.

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