September 20, 2009 – fish Costa Rica…mahi mahi, tuna and amberjack


Today my friends and I ran down the 26 rock for a day of fishing.  The ocean was flat, the water was a nice blue and the weather was almost perfect.

The bonita were everywhere…we must have caught 30 of them while trolling.  We used the little ones and did some live bait and dead bait fishing around the rock.  I caught a 30 pound mahi mahi and my buddy caught a 60 pound amberjack and we also caughta handful of 10 and 15 pound yellowfin tuna.

We probably could have stayed there and caught more but we heard rumors of a decent sailfish bite out by the corner so we trolled out that direction.  At the end of the day we got covered up by 30 pound mahi mahi and we caught a double and came home.

Everyone I know is eating good tonight.

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